iPhone 6 anticipation so high even tabloids want to 'leak' it

TiPhone 6 anticipation so high even the tabloids want to 'leak' it

You know the iPhone 6 is hotly anticipated when even outlets like TMZ are trying to get in on the attention. If going from stalking celebrities to posting blurry pictures that were supposedly "smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China" is any indicator, the hype that's going to come when the real deal is actually launched will be unprecedented even by previous iPhone standards.

Apple's iPhone 6 event is reportedly scheduled for September 9 in San Francisco with launch presumed to follow on September 19. That's about a month away. How high will the hype go? What'll be next? Will we see Fox News or CNN leading with iPhone 6 parts leaks? Will we see an iPhone 6 dummy hosting Saturday Night Live?

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Reader comments

iPhone 6 anticipation so high even tabloids want to 'leak' it


Well I intend to be sick on September 9th and then again on launch day and the day after.
And yeah I am going crazy with anticipation.

And absolutely CNN and other mainstream news orgs will do stories. Fox....don't know. Don't watch their stuff.

I don't consider Fox News a news organization. A privately funded propaganda machine? Yep.

Only channel I have blocked on my cable at home.

reeneebob has made the perfect answer to that question. What more can anyone say to add to the emphasis...

And the rest aren't??? You're just pissed because they are a conservative news channel and now a liberal bunch of hacks like the rest of the mainstream news.

I know quite a few people on android devices right now that will jump back to an iPhone once the larger iPhone 6 comes out .

How do you know me? LOL..... I'm coming back. Tried the wastelands of Android and would love to have a big screen on an iPhone. Tired of seeing messages such as Android has stopped responding or Google Play has stopped or worse still, Google Maps has stopped working and then finding that it will not start up again unless you power down the phone and then power back up which means coming off a freeway parking, and then getting back underway.

I never had problems with any of the Google stuff on my iPhones and the amount I have spent on Android phones and then given them to friends from those periods when the Nexus 5 has been broken (4 or 5 of them -- lost count) where the power button was faulty and would shut down and never power up again or at random I could have bought two or three iPhone 5's at full price.

What the hell kind of phone do you have? Or are we exaggerating? I've got an m8, had the m7, g2 and nexus 5. My wife has a note 3. And we haven't had any of the issues you listed. I haven't had those issues since my HTC Evo 3d and galaxy s2 days.

I just replaced the 4S on my second line with a S5 & I had a few notifications saying stuff stopped & I wasn't even aware it started in the first place. Not saying its a bad phone but I see what stewm is saying.

I'm sorry but Android is not reliable. It's just not. I had the Sensation, Evo 3D, HTC One, Galaxy Nexus, galaxy S4 and each one had one of more problems. Hardware wise or software wise. I hate saying it but iPhone just works. You can drop the damn thing get it a little wet and it still just works.

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Idk I guess. My 5s has had as many issues as the other phones I listed from random reboots to apps closing randomly to my power button sticking. I can't say any phone is more reliable than the next.

Not to BIG and not to small, the rumored iPhone 6 just might be the perfect size with a iOS engine adding to PERFECTION

I just want it to be announced and ready for order. Along with the iWatch if that is going to happen. I'm in the market for some fitness gear and if the iWatch is what they say it is going to be then the tight integration with the iPhone will be perfect.

Yeah me too. Then I will certainly implement a strict, documented exercise regiment instead of spend hours playing with my new toys.

ABSOLUTELY! But I felt the same about the two tone bands on the back of the iphone 5s and they did it anyways.

On the point of design i was watching this Steve Jobs interview on Netflix and he says "the problem with Microsoft is they have no style." I sometimes thing that Apple now has lost it's aesthetic style guy in Jobs. Hope not. But i find the bands on the back unstylish.

Personally I think Microsoft has style. It just isn't as cohesive like Apple. In some areas it is fantastic and others it is quite lacking. I mean they have Nokia making Lumia phones, ascetically those are some great looking devices.

Don't worry. This is fake. And hideous.
I assume the iPhone 6 body will look like a scaled down iPad mini, or it will look completely different. Think scaled down iMac, with tiny edges and a fat belly. They certainly won't go back to the rounded sides of the original iPhone. And it certainly won't have poorly fitted plastic seams. I would also say the protruding lens is a red flag, but... the current iPod Touch. The flash isn't dual-tone. And there is only one button on the side, opposite of the volume buttons of every other iPhone, so that means it's a power button, no other iOS device has its power button on the side.

Well, I was wrong about it being a fake, rounded & power button. Still hideous, at least in this color. The Space Grey doesn't looks as bad. Those plastic seams are terrible. And that frigging lens???

Well opinions can vary on style. There are many ideas of what qualifies as style. I'll be honest. I just don't. I've always looked at windows, and i've been using windows since 1998 and do currently (until i buy a macbook), and i've always thought it looked kinda tacky and convoluted. It's not as bad now. but it's blues and green. the logo is like 4 colors. I'm much more a black car, white, car, silver car kinda guy. I think back to the Zune and remember it's doo doo brown color and think wtf? I think of the xbox 360 os and think it's so not streamlined and monochrome. It's very mountain dew colored. But even Bill Gates strikes me as a pleated khaki sort of guy not that Jobs and his dad jeans ever screamed Cary Grant to me. like go to microsoft.com and there's like just a bunch of bright tiles. Even the website is sort of not stylish. Even the picture on the page is boring. An overhead shot of people sitting at a table. Funny again with the multicolored laptops. See they think that's attractive, but the I just think the shades of colors they are picking suck. By contrast go to Nike.com and notice how it's pretty monochrome. Very streamlined, very silver and black. i picked nike cause a huge part of what they do is Stylish athletic apparrel. And the image is sexy, it's muscles, sports bra, it's athletes. Microsoft could have a girl at a pool reading a tablet, or i don't know something a little less meh. And go to Apple.com and you'll notice a similar layout to Nike's page. Picture in the middle, drop down menus, pretty monochrome, streamlined. And even the picture is of a party or nightclub. It looks like something you'd want to do. It creates a good image. To me it all just feels more stylish. And that's what i've never seen in Microsoft products. As for Lumia's well i'm kinda judging microsoft in totality of their products in the last say 20 years not just the Nokia company they bought. Honestly, i don't even consider that microsoft even though i guess they own it. But Nokia seems seperate to me. maybe it isn't. But i'll be honest, i find those handsets on it's website nothing special. They aren't bad but again with the hideous choice of colors. Yellow, Orange, and Green? I mean wow. I'm not big on colors period but if i was making phones, basically if it wasn't a color that's popular with cars I wouldn't try and sell phones in that color. But those Nokia's are ok but not really my style. I'll put it this way in a store they've never caught my eye. Regardless, again, people can have differing viewpoints.

While I would have loved a bigger screen already, I didn't hesitate to upgrade my 4 to the 5s at the beginning of the summer. Enough of a jump for me and I have an ipad Mini.

But my daughter, who has a 4s, is VERY excited. She's due for upgrade in the beginning of November and will probably be asking for the upgrade for her birthday.

I think its going to break there sales record for new release! Only a guess but I'd put a few dollars on it:) I went to a Nexus 5 just for screen size.

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I think they'll sell extremely well because of pent up demand. I'm on a 4s and skipped the 5 and 5s because to me the only selling point was lte and my network didn't have it at the time anyways. But worse the look of the device didn't change enough. it was that still that band around the edge look. I passed. i'd really hoped the 5s would be a material change in shell but to me it looked like a 5 which to me looked like a 4s with a different backing and a slightly larger screen.

I think there will be plenty of people like me that have been waiting for an iphone that finally looks different than the 4s, 5, 5s style. plus this with rounder edges may feel better in the hand.

I heard the iPhone 6 has an 8k @ 240Hz display and camera, 2Tb PCI-E 3-D NAND, 64Gb 4800Mhz DDR5 RAM, Dual NVIDIA TITAN Z, Wi-Fi AF, TouchID, EyeID, laser pointer, 30 Day battery, wireless charging, microSD slot, napkin dispenser, water proof, freeze proof, drop proof, it floats, and NFC.

Hmm, if that is the real deal, it looks like they took some design cues from the HTC One M7/M8.