iPhone 6 allegedly leaks on video, might finally have NFC support

iPhone 6 logic board

An alleged image of the logic board in the upcoming iPhone 6 shows potential NFC support. For years the world has waited to see when Apple would include NFC functionality in the iPhone, turns out it might be very soon. On top of that, we might have our best video look at the iPhone 6.

The folks at Feld&Volk have shared images of the logic board in the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. They also were apparently able to piece together an iPhone 6 from leaked supplies.

In the images you're able to see the A8 processor and an NFC chip. Looking at the images you can also see 16 GB of flash memory from Toshiba. Leading us to think that will be the lowest tier storage available with the iPhone 6. A storage option Apple has used as the entry-level iPhone for quite some time.

One way or another, we'll find out soon on September 9. We'll be there live bringing you the latest from Apple.

Do you want NFC technology included in the next iPhone?

Source: Sonny Dickson, Via: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iPhone 6 allegedly leaks on video, might finally have NFC support


Apple will never call it iNFC. Apple never refers to the underlying technology but rather brands the 'experience' related to it.

I've had NFC on my previous Android phones, and it was cool to have, but I ended up not using it very much. But I'd still like to have it on the next iPhone, because someday it may become more useful. I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

If the iPhone "6" has NFC, it will cause a massive increase in NFC use in the US.
Samsung didn't help NFC popularity much in the US.

It could happen. On one of my old Samsung phones I used the NFC exactly one time (to download a free song that I wanted. It worked like a charm, too).

Other than that I've yet to see much use for it because the infrastructure still isn't really there yet for it here in the US. But that could change.

I know NFC is already very commonly in use in Japan and several other countries, so I can see why Apple might decide to add it on this next iPhone.

It's not even out yet but 4.7" already seems too small. And why can't they make the device wider instead of increasingly taller? Getting awkward...

The iPhone is always going to look so much taller because of the large amount of space needed on the bottom for the round home button. Android phones can reduce that bottom chin because there is no physical home button, with the exception of the Samsungs, which still don't take up as much room as the iPhone's home button since its oblong. Until Apple ditches the home button the iPhone is going to look oddly tall for the screen size.

I must be the only one who thought the 5 series being just taller was awesome looking. The screen on my Moto X is 4.7" and its perfect, but admittedly, I know Apple's take on it would be even better. I've had 5" screens and personally think k its too big for speedier use and handling. Not knocking your opinion, just stating mine.

NFC still seems gimmicky to me. Unless Apple comes out and says that several major retailers, grocery stores, gas stations, fast food places, etc are going to support it right away, it seems pointless to me to include it now. I know there's a chicken and egg type thing here, but for as long as it has been around, I've yet to see a place that accepted payments using NFC.

NFC is already being used by retailers in the form of PayPass, PayWave, Interact Flash, etc.

For Apple to finally include NFC might just be the final push to get all banks and carriers on board to allow us to utilize our phones at point-of-purchase.

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10 x Boom.. I believe the iPhone 6 will be the Launch to making NFC popular in North America. IF it has NFC. Hoping it does:)

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I would like to agree that NFC is still somewhat gimmicky. If people wants NFC so that it can be utilized for payments, why have all the retailers go through an expensive technology transition just to support NFC?

In today's very competitive market, I think it would hurt a lot of retailers if we're going to force them to upgrade their equipment just to support a gimmick. Eventually, those cost would ended up getting passed on to us as consumers.

With that being said, there are other technologies available out there that would support mobile payment without forcing our retailers to spend an extra dime to support it. I'd say why not adapt that technology and call it a day. The nice thing about it is, mobile payment would instantly be supported any any retailers around the world the moment Apple released iPhone 6.

By the way, the technology I'm referring to is LoopPay.

Awesome. I really hope it's for real. Then I can finally ditch my debit card, and carry around just cash for emergencies and my iPhone.

NFC will become more popular in the US VERY soon. The US EMV requirement is October 2015, so merchants will be replacing their terminals with EMV and NFC enabled ones.

I agree with some others that NFC always was just sort of a gimmick on past Android phones I've had. It was cool to go in to a 7-11 and buy something with it but didn't use it more than a couple of times. Bought some NFC tags but didn't use those much either.

However, I'm hoping (for iOS and Android user alike) that with iPhone finally bringing NFC to the table we might see more widespread adoption. Interested to see what Apple does with mobile payment systems. With Google Wallet, ISIS (those poor bastards for choosing that name) and hopefully Apple with a new payment system it could finally start showing up in more stores and become more useful.

If Apple makes NFC secure with Touch ID authentication, it will become the gold standard of contactless payment. NFC can be hacked from a distance, apparently. Adding Touch ID authentication could completely eliminate that threat.

Really? Fingerprint identification makes it secure? NFC has been used for years and it's more secure than the magnetic strip (can't copy it). Problem has always been vendors switching out old POS terminals. With chip and pin cards coming, the banks are making that transformation happen, but NFC is leading the charge. Apple is just getting on the train that is already moving so they can take credit for something that was inevitable. Remember, they invent all this stuff.

Except for the fact that fingerprint scanning takes it to Apples secure enclave first. I personally trust apple with all my information much more than a google powered android flavor-of-the-month phone. Remember that they never claim to invent stuff, so much as they don't rush to throw unfinished sh*t out the door to get there first. Or Samsung's take on it is to get there second, and do a sh**ty job, but with a larger screen.

I have NFC on my phone and find it quite handy. It isn't that I use it all the time but when I "need" it I'm glad I have it. I've transferred files, songs, contacts, photos between phones just by tapping. Plus in Canada paying by NFC is very popular.

I have never known anyone who owns an Android or Windows Phone with NFC actually use it for anything other than wireless charging.

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NFC is common here in Canada, through our debit and credit cards. I use it all the time! Be cool if it was just in the phone!

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NFC is common here in Canada, through our debit and credit cards. I use it all the time! Be cool if it was just in the phone!

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NFC is common here in Canada, through our debit and credit cards. I use it all the time! Be cool if it was just in the phone!

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NFC in iPhone "6"? Fine. It will start the ball rolling for NFC in the US.

But the killer NFC device would be the "iWatch."
Especially if it has Touch ID. You heard it here first.

I'll go out on a limb and say fingerprint authentication adds no security. NFC is already on cards themselves without fingerprint authentication. iPhone NFC will not eliminate NFC. I don't see how this would create more security.

All the rounded edges remind me of what HTC was doing years ago with design. I'm sure Apple will say how unique and magical their invention is.

The only place I read or hear about Apple claiming to invent everything on earth, comes from haters on Blog sites. Where did you see anyone from Apple claiming they invented something when they did not?

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It's the patent actions. For instance. Apple attempted to patent - as clear a declaration of invention as you can get, legally speaking - "pinch to zoom" despite the fact that it had been publicly demonstrated a year prior to the patent filing. For that reason, among others, the USPTO rejected that specific patent.

Other examples are less fair to Apple; Apple has been roundly criticized for "multitouch" and "screen rotation" patents when prior art existed, but close reading suggests Apple's patents were different enough. (If you think such software patents are proper. I typically don't, but that is too long to address here. Ben Thompson lays it out well on Debug episode #55. If you don't subscribe to that podcast, you should). But Apple's willingness to file *and assert* broad patents, and especially broad design patents, has cost them the benefit of the doubt in these cases among much of the tech media.

Tl;DR The Jobs-era attitude of "boy, have we patented it" has given Apple that reputation.

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Don't care abut NFC at all, but if it's there, cool. The phone in the video looks great- can't wait to see the real deal.

I've been reading about NFC for so long and have it turned on on my current phone, but I have no idea how it works or what I'm doing. I'm admitting this on a forum of tech obsessed people too.

It can be a really neat feature to use once you learn the different things you can do with NFC. Maybe write down a list of things you do with your phone the most and then maybe find some ways you can use NFC for at least one of them. When something is different it can be a little challenging trying to incorporate it into your daily life. Good luck!

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Wow you have some serious apple hate coursing through your veins! Your mainstream comment was pretty sweet too. There are more android devices in the world than apple ones, so what are you bitching about exactly? I got one for ya; android f*cking sucks! How ya like them "apples" ? I'm writing this on an android device too. They're the only pieces of sh*t cheap enough to use when you sell an iPhone to upgrade to the next. Take your name calling and hate to an android forum and talk star trek with all the rest of them. Peace out bro, nobody wants you around.

There are several hotels that are piloting NFC with smartphones. You check in and unlock your hotel door with your phone. NFC is used on a lot of keycards and other places, but people aren't quite used to using it here in the US. I know a few people where their employer uses NFC for them to clock in from work by just swiping their phones. I've used NFC a few times on my phone for transferring pictures and files to another phone. I've used NFC to open my garage door, turn on lights, and enable WiFi on my phone when I get home. There's many, many creative uses for NFC. My hope is the Apple will finally add it to their devices. It should be available on every smartphone, even if you may not use it...right now.

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