iPhone 6 rumors hit validation stage, Thailand social networks [Update]

iPhone 6 rumors hit quality assurance stage, Thailand social networks

Every day I wake up to translations of Asian iPhone 6 rumors in my inbox. Mostly I ignore them because I kinda figure Apple isn't getting out of the iPhone business any time soon, so of course we'll get a new one this fall, just like every fall, and when you make tens of millions of something, of course things will leak. But so will canceled prototypes and outright fakes. However, sometimes the leaks are from sources too strange to pass up. Take this tweet from the secretary general of the office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Thailand Takorn Scullion:

Office of the NBTC through standard iPhone 6 to allow dealers in Thailand then.

That's further elaborated on by ASTV Manager Online:

NBTC secretary. Reveals Apple's request for permission to import two new iPhone models in the code A1586 and A1524 but no other details were revealed. Since it is a company secret Confirmation of this approval faster than the iPhone 5s.

If that's accurate, it's both interesting and remarkably indiscreet. Either way, he's likely not going to get a New Year card postmarked from Cupertino any time in the next ever.

Meanwhile, translations of Weibo rumors suggest the iPhone 6 has entered into product validation testing (PVT) because, you know, Apple wants to make sure the manufacturing actually works as expected and up to spec before tens of millions of devices are pushed out.

All that to say everything is likely right on schedule for the rumored September 9 event day, and the in-keeping-with-pattern September 19 launch day.

Now feel free to speculate on just what exactly those two model codes, if accurate, may refer to...

Update A local Thailand media outlet now claims, via unknown sources, that Apple representatives requested to meet with the country's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. The report says Apple has expressed concerns that currently confidential device specifications could be revealed by the NBTC before Apple makes any official announcements. The same report says that the NBTC defended its actions in revealing the device numbers, claiming they were covered under Thailand's laws.

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iPhone 6 rumors hit validation stage, Thailand social networks [Update]


It's pretty useless a iphone now all of a sudden they are copying the Worldwide global leader in Samsung.

From my Galaxy Note 3 On T-Mobile via iMore App

I'm praying they keep the plastic of the C in the lineup. The only reason (as I've said for months in these comments) that I bought the C is because of the feel of the backing in my hand. LOVE IT.

Don't the GSM and CDMA versions have differing model codes? Wouldn't that make the most sense, right off hand, without getting into outlandish rumors of 4.7" / 5.5", or regular / c model, etc?

Actually no. Every country got one 5s model and one 5c model. It's just that the models vary by region. So since we're talking about Thailand, a single country, the 2 models mentioned by the official are probably the new iPhones.

God there are alot of articles on iPhone 6 rumors on the web. I'd much rather be surprised when I watch the keynote than look and hear about rumors (which are often false in the early stages) months before hand.

However, I can understand the excitement and anticipation that leads people into looking at these, as well as people wanting to plan their next phone accordingly.

The Bing translation of Takorn Scullion's tweet seems to shed more light on the Google translation Renee used: "Kotthot Office [probably what Bing means by "Office of the NBTC"] certified the standard iPhone 6 to allow the Thai distributors. "

I'm going to put this out there right now! Do I have to stomp my feet and throw the teddy out of the pram?

Don't ruin it for me. I look forward to the day of the announcement so I can oh and ah and get all excited about the launch of an iPhone. All these rumors just ruin it for me! Do you know how hard it is to forget and unsee these rumours so I can get that feeling of Child-like wonder as they show that shiney new iPhone. Then sit with excitement, wetting myself I am so excited until I can pre-order the phone.

Now I've got that off my chest.... time to un-remember and un-see all rumours I have see today and continue sitting all excited for Sept. 9th. LOL

Now come on, iMore has to be like the rest of the guys.
It's all about one-upmanship!

It would appear that this iteration has flown BTR fairly well. Apple seems to have thrown everyone off.

Love it.

I too love surprises like those of Christmases past.

Brings out the kid in me.