iPhone 6: Six things I'd like to see!

iPhone 6: Six things I'd like to see! (Fake mockup hero!)

iPhone 6 fantasies will no doubt reach fetishistic levels at some point, but we're far enough out from the fall, and from the inevitable leaks that will come as fall approaches, that many possibilities, many dreams, remain open to us. What with the all the new Android phones at MWC dropping like cluster bombs this week, I'll admit I'm incredibly eager to see what Apple has planned for this year as well. I'll preface it by saying all I've heard so far is that there'll likely be two iPhones this year, a 4-inch model and a bigger than 4-inch model. Whether that's the iPhone 5s dropped down, an iPhone 5sc made unabashedly plastic, or simply a smaller iPhone 6 remains to be seen. As does the size of the larger phone, from 4.3 to almost 5-inches. So let's begin there...

1. Larger screen

This part should go without saying, seeing as how I — and pretty much every one else — have said so much about it already. A larger screen would increase Apple's share of the premium market, remove the only key physical differentiator of the subsidized competition, make a better primary computing device, make a more accessible product, and open the platform up for future advancement. An iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, at this point in time, would do what Apple does best — make for a better product that could delight and even larger pool of potential customers.

I used to think I'd prefer 4.3, but after having used a BlackBerry Z10, Nexus 5, and Lumia 1020 over the last few months, I've come to realize the point of going big is GOING BIG. I'd love as close to 5-inches as possible, especially if the overall size of the iPhone scales as little as possible with it.

2. Curvier design language

One of these things is not like the other. That's what comes to mind when I look at the iPod touch, iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, and iPhone 5s. The iPads and iPod are sleek and slim, with curves in all the right places. The iPhone 5s, like the iPhone 5 before it, is an extruded round-rect with sharp edges. Rather than just catching up to the iPad and iPod design language, it would be great to take it a step further. Or, rather, a touch further. iOS 7 is so physical, do directly manipulable, that it's hard to imagine iOS 8 being otherwise. And all of the current lateral edge gestures — the hierarchical back gesture, the forward and back sequential gestures — would just feel so much better with curved edges.

How a combination of Apple's ultra-thin screen technology with what would hopefully be much, much smaller bezels and my desire for rounded edges would all come together, I'm not certain, I just know I'd love it if they could.

3. Smarter sensors

The iPhone 5s not only added Touch ID but iBeacon and the Apple M7 motion coprocessor as well. Apple's been at the forefront of the contextual awakening, from multitouch, accelerometer, ambient light, and proximity, to aGPS and GLONASS, gyroscope and magnometer, and, of course, Siri which made the mic "smart". The Moto X has natural language and contextual coprocessors to enable Google Now to "always listen". Whether or not Apple goes that far, letting Siri run locally would be a welcome upgrade all its own.

There's a lot more that can be done with sensorsl, including adding smarts to iSight, improving indoor navigation, and tying into the rumored HealthBook and iWatch projects, and all of that will require not only software, but data gathering, battery-saving technology as well.

4. Prioritized battery life

Once upon a time speed was the most important thing. Every year we expected our computers to be significantly faster and more powerful than the year before. Eventually, however, the speed improvements leveled off. Luckily, for most people, most of the time, computers were already fast enough, and something else became even more important — battery life. Thanks to Haswell and OS X Mavericks, we now have a MacBook Air that can outlast any iOS device on the planet. Maybe it's time for the same shift in priority to hit the iPhone?

Every year Apple has made the new iPhone significantly faster, thinner, and more powerful than the year before while keeping the same battery life. Miracle of engineering that may be, I'd love to see the priority shift to keeping the same thinness but greatly increasing battery life. Let's see the iPhone regain the long-lasting crown.

5. Optics to match the imaging

With iSight, Apple makes some of the best cameras in mobile. However, the greatness of the iPhone 5s camera, like the greatness of the iPhone 5 camera before it isn't primarily in the optics or in the capture stage at all. It's in the digital image processor. The Apple A7 is simply a monster when it comes to taking whatever data that thin 8 megapixel sensor can latch onto and making the most of it. It's so good, in fact, the ultra-thin iPhone 5s can hold its own against much better, much deeper glass, including the larger aperture, bigger pixel, optically image stabilized monsters many of Apple's competitors are fielding.

What makes a mobile camera great isn't specs. Its the ability to take better pictures in the widest range of circumstances possible, including and especially low-light. If Apple could marry better, smarter optics to their already industry leading processing, no light would no longer be the limit.

6. Faster race-to-sleep Wi-Fi

Apple's AirPort Extreme routers got faster, longer-range 802.11ac wireless networking last year, as did the Mac product lines and several Android phones. The iPhone 5s did not. It might seem like an odd thing to want, given how fast 802.11n is already, but for devices born to be mobile, for a wireless world, for syncing and streaming, downloading and beaming, every second of time you shave off is a measure of experience you improve.

Hopefully there's a power-saving race-to-sleep advantage to 802.11ac as well, letting data move faster so the chips can power down faster, which would make it even better.

And four things I don't think we'll see!

There are some things, fantasy or not, I don't think we'll see in an iPhone 6 or any imminent new phone from Apple. Some because of the laws of economics and physics, others simply because of Apple focus and beliefs.

  1. Ditching the Home button. Making a screen bigger without increasing the size of the phone typically means removing or reducing almost everything else from the face plate. However, not only does Apple have that big round Home button, it's now the nexus for Touch ID as well. Unless and until that moves — in screen? — the big honking Home button stays.

  2. More metallic finishes. Gold was great but the metallic red and blue finishes on the iPod touch are likewise gorgeous. Apple could even stagger their releases so some of the colors come out midway through the typical year-long product cycle, giving it a little more life... All that said, so far Apple's kept the brighter colors constrained to the lower end product lines, including the iPhone 5c and that doesn't seem likely to change.

  3. NFC. It remains a chipset, not a feature set, and Apple's all in on Passbook, Bluetooth LE, and iBeacon. Personally, I'd love NFC. Outside the U.S. all of our credit and debit cards not only have chip-and-pin, but many have NFC as well. I can pay for my groceries, my fast food, my coffee, my gas, my clothes, and almost everything else under $60 with a tap. Just not the tap of an iPhone.

  4. Multiple carrier radios. Yes, the iPhone 5s can't do simultaneous voice-and-data on Verizon. That's because LTE doesn't support simultaneous voice-and-data and, unlike GSM carriers, Verizon has no HSPA to fall back on. Their EVDO Rev. A doesn't do voice-and-data either. Other manufacturers add a second radio to get around this, giving up some battery efficiency to do it. Apple isn't those manufacturers and they don't like that tradeoff. Sadly, voice over LTE (VoLTE) is still a ways off, and Apple hasn't traditionally embraced new radios quickly, and for the same power efficient reasons.

Your iPhone 6 dreams?

That's a short list of some of the things I'd like to see — and a few I don't expect to — in Apple's upcoming iPhone 6. Since we're over half-a-year away from the traditional fall launch window, there's a lot of freedom to speculate right now and that's the fun part. Not crazy stuff like a built-in iEspresso maker or glowing Apple logo but maybe things like better waterproofing or always-on notifications on the display? What are your dreams for the iPhone 6?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 6: Six things I'd like to see!


I would love to see NFC in the iPhone 6. As it stands now, I can use tap-to-pay with my Nexus 5 at the grocery store, in cabs and at the occasional gas station, but once Apple includes it on the iPhone, it'll land on a lot more companies' radars.

I'd love to see it as well, simply because it would be convenient in Canada, but Apple doesn't appear to have much interest in it.

Non of these fix, the Direct App Sharing issues, Default app issue, or the bluetooth sharing between computer and ios device.

I'm not going to TAP my $1000~ sexy beautiful iPhone to pay for something.

Tapping is just soooooo old fashioned .... heheheeeehheeee

Yah, maybe your right or maybe I should just buy 8 phone that have NFC. One for every day of the week. I'll only have to charge once a week!

I expect Apple to make a larger screen iPhone, but I hope they still offer a smaller screen iPhone with the same premium features. They can even make it a little thicker so as not to compromise battery life. In fact, I still prefer the 3.5" screen of my old 4 to the 4" screen in my 5s.


I think it's important for apple to release a 3.5 for emerging markets like India too, but with the same specs eg touch id etc so ipad air and ipad mini esq just with bigger and smaller screens so consumers and parents have the choice

I recently swapped to a Lumia 925 and that has a larger screen. Unfortunately the usable width of the screen is just a bit bigger than the length of my thumb. That makes one handed use a bit tricky, especially as the back button is just out of reach. I don't think apple would ever do that.

Yes, that and certain methods of wireless charging would be great additions!! Long charger cables are the best. What we really need is a stronger battery rather than a bigger battery. A battery that can take lots of usage and charging without wearing out as fast. Maybe give it a 12 hour battery and give it durability so it won't lose its charge as fast in the coming days.

This ^ if only to accommodate my ever growing iCloud music & media collection. I can lay waste to 64 GB in short order. It's the very reason I keep my trusty iPod Classic around still.

Minimum. :) They rarely communicate about RAM, but a significant improvement would be very welcomed.

I've got to agree at some point for the screen. But I'll put all my trust to Apple not to release an enormous phablet.
You said you can easily consider the option of GOING BIG. But really, those phablets almost as big as iPad mini? This can't be serious... I'd like to know what you find appealing in that! :)

We share the same opinion on battery life.

And I'd like to add: PLEASE Apple, PLEASE more RAM. You put a 64-bit chip, now put way more RAM in. I'm tired of having to reload every page on Safari when switching tab, tired of reloading every app I might quit just for answering a text.

I would love to see some form of always-on notification. Either something similar to Nokia's glance, or BlackBerry and Android's Notification LED

If I can tell from across the room that I have a message waiting in an elegant way, that would be fantastic

Notification lights never struck me as scalable because of the limited number of states (and colors/blink patterns aren't resilient). They're great for people who want to check any message instantaneously, but not as a system for really providing granular context.

I do like some of the stuff Moto X and others are doing with notification display layers.

Good point. The limited number of states wouldn't bother me, because I fall into the category of people that just want to know if something is requiring my attention. I wouldn't need a specific colour or flash pattern for each type. Admittedly a notification LED doesn't seem like 2014 technology though, not when (as you mentioned) you look at the cool things Motorola was doing with the Moto X.

Double the memory is one of things I would really like to see. I think my air and phone could both use more memory to load apps faster and keep web pages in memory longer. I also think they should double the storage. If they are going to go with a higher resolution display it is time to make 32 GB the standard instead of 16.

I am not that excited about a bigger screen so if Apple left that out I would not be disappointed. I like my iPhone the size it is. It fits into everything I carry including my pocket. Besides when will it end? When will it be big enough? Next thing you know people will all be walking around with a iPhone the size of a brick.

Maybe the minority of readers on tech blogs, but not in real life. My wife already thinks her 4S borders on too large. I'd be willing to wager that most normal sized people (not LeBron James-sized giants with massive meathook hands) or those who don't have failing vision aren't all desperately waiting for massive Note 3-sized screens.

Tech blog audience tastes != the rest of the world's tastes

With your sample size of one. Here in Los Angeles, I see quite a few women who use larger phones like the Galaxy or Note phones. As phones have become media consumption devices, the demand for a larger screen has increased.

Make that a sample size of four. A larger screen than we have now would make me postpone an upgrade. I have larger than average hands, but I have normal size pockets and I need my phone to fit in them.

True though, I wouldn't want a massively large screen and its not imperative for apple to increase the screen size as its very good for a one-hand use which you cant do with other phones.

If that was the case, all those large screen android devices wouldn't be selling. Just saying

Sent from the iMore App

I guess both my wife and I are also in that minority. I moved from Apple to Android awhile back, had a GS3, then Nexus 5. My wife has always been in the iPhone camp. I just moved from my Nexus 5 to a 5S, mainly due to the horrible battery life of the Nexus. Honestly I like the fact that I can use my iPhone one handed. If they make a bigger screen great but if I have to use two hands to due 99% of the tasks then I'll be in that 4" screen camp. Obviously despite choices, 51 million iPhones sold last quarter indicate that plenty of people are ok with a 4" screen.

Yes it does, and some of them that I've talked to feel self-conscious using them - including the Verizon operator I ordered my 5S from. She said that, after seeing the size of her son's 5S, she wishes she had chosen the iPhone instead, just based on size. So if Apple's going to cave on going bigger, then I really hope they continue to offer their current size option, and even some smaller options would work great for me. I'm carrying around my Mini Retina more frequently for work and am so glad that I don't have to hold it up to my face to get an incoming call. I will never understand the phablet craze.

NFC + Battery Life + Wireless AC + Bigger screen would be my wish. And yes VoLTE is still a ways away.

On another note, I think Verizon should have buried CDMA a long time ago... CDMA was a great stepping stone for the modern WCDMA/HSPA/UMTS networks. But the time has come and gone to let it all go, yes I know Verizon is huge and it would have cost them a fortune, but it is something they should have done in the early 2000's. WHERE IS YOUR WIMAX NOW?!

Yes, and don't you agree it is the smartest thing they did? Look at them now, they are dominating the Canadian airwaves and severely dented Rogers death grip on GSM/HSPA/UMTS. All I am saying is that Verizon should have done the same. Sorry don't mean to take this off in a tangent.

Coming back to the what I would like to see on the iPhone 6. I think you nailed the things that 95% of the public want in the next revision. NFC would a dream come true, but I don't think Apple will give in.

Don't think it's hurting Verizon too much since they are dominating the US and making profits hand over fist every quarter

Sent from the iMore App

Definitly need to axe the 16 gig as the entry model. I would love to see the saphire display, then I could axe the screen protector. I know it may not be possible yet, but edge to edge display would be awsome. if anyone can do it its apple, right? With the harder saphire display maybe it will be possible.

Like many, I'm drooling over the thought of a larger screen (between 4.7-5"). It's my #1 need for the iPhone 6. Followed by better battery life. Like many people I know, I'm not a huge fan of iOS 7 at all. Hopefully iOS 8 is able to make many users enjoy the OS even more.

As much as I also despise the teen girl-bright colored nature of iOS7, I don't see a major overhaul anytime soon. They will probably just add some small features. Maybe eliminate the "missed" section on the Notification panel.

Sent from the iMore App

I've been switching between my iPhone 5 and Moto X on a regular basis for months now and I feel like the 4.7" screen and Moto form factor are ideal. I think the iPhone 6 will be a welcome change in that direction.

As for wants, how about a rubberized or soft-touch back? I'm hoping the Apple cases for the 6 will make up for that.

You didn't address wireless charging... especially with the plethora of wireless power/charging patents Apple has filed over the past year.. any ideas on that Rene?

Would love it.. Love it on the Nexus.. It's just so nice to not have flopping cables on my desk / nightstand.. or some odd dock.. just set it down and forget.

I like the idea in theory as well, but Apple is typically conservative with stuff like this. Apple could be one of the few that could push past competing standards and carrier alignments, but when?

Couldn't agree more about larger screen size and switching over to the design language of the other devices. I love the way my iPad Air feels. I think a larger screen iPhone with that same design would be outstanding. And I would trade my 5s in for it in a heartbeat.

I agree with a lot of what Rene said, but I would love to see a bigger screen at the old aspect ratio, not the 16:9 (aka Receipt) ratio. I don't need a longer receipt.

I would also love to see a 128GB version so I could finally ditch my iPod Classic.

While I agree with Rene that we won't get more colors, I would love to see Apple add a maroon or "product red" version. I would also love to see Apple develop a Smart Cover/Case for the iPhone as that would be pretty cool and much better than the case we have now.

Sent from the iMore App

More battery life is always wanted and a couple of ways to do that would be to allow more options for the screen timeout. My BB ha options for 30 seconds, 20 and 10. Adding an LED so as to bypass the screen turning on when you get a message/notification would also help with that.

I'll tell you what I'd like to see.

I would like to be able to upgrade, without having to make a decision BASED upon features.

I recently upgraded to the 5C instead of the 5S--coming from a 4S.

I decided to take the C largely in part for the feel in my hand, but for three other important reasons...which also happen to be the three prominent additions that they marketed the 5S with.

1. Motion sensor chip thing.
--Since batteries are not perfect yet, I see no reason to have a chip to follow me around and drain my battery. I do not leave location on ever, unless using maps, so I have no need for a chip that knows where and how much I walk--to drain battery.

2. TouchID
--I do not have a password on my phone. I'm ok with swiping; however, I've begun to get lazy here and there, and think "Wait, maybe that button could really be of use." But still, in the meantime, I'm so used to swiping back Home from page 3, instead of just using the Home button...

3. Metal
--No one can deny the feel of the 5C in your hand. It feels very trustworthy. I never drop my phones, however I just could not get used to the slickness of the metal--which is different from my naked 4S. So, I decided, to get the C, naked...and never really have to worry.

For the next iPhone, although I am not in the market for a larger screen--I absolutely do not want a larger screen--I would like to see them add features and improve the life of the battery in order to support those features. The iPhone 5S is really useless with that Motion Sensor and Location, unless you're plugged into a solar powered back pack. Not to mention, double flash and all that jazz--things I had on my BlackBerry like SlowMo and what not aren't really huge points, but for some reason they market the hell out of them.

I'd like to see them market a phone that I don't need to plug in at 4pm before I leave the office--without any bluetooth or any of that on. I mean, it's about time...It really is about time they start putting longer lasting batteries into the phones.

All of the new technological advancements they add are really useless unless they advance the performance of the battery.

Great list, Rene. Agree with you on all counts, especially on better battery life and inclusion of 802.11ac (Definitely going to be the latter if not both in the next iPhone.).

As for curved design, it would be nice for Apple to move to a new signature shape after remaining essentially the same since the iPhone 4. I also agree with other posters here concerning improved RAM and/or memory allocation being something that can improve user experience.

I completely agree, I hate the iX keyboard, it's basically the same for the iphone 1. The hub is great and I love the "homescreen" on BB10 for the open apps.

I'd still like someone to copy webOS Synergy. Hub is almost there.

BB10 was SwiftKey on steroids. Hopefully Apple is working on more better keyboard tech.

Oh true--I do miss my hub. Yea, ever since they got rid of Swipe Left for Search, there's nothing to the left!!! that should be HUB!!!!

(now you made me miss Q10)

Screen Durability. Away from Glass perhaps. Tired of shelling out deductibles over a 2-3 foot pocket or desk drop. The phone should last most falls. Now on my 3rd 5S because of a screen crack. At some point apple needs to take some of the blame.

Honestly Rene, In my opinion, Loads and loads of people just wanna see a big screen and better battery. These are the biggest differentiators, at least to a lot of people like me. Also a lot of my friends are waiting for a bigger screen iPhone even without other software improvements. Of course, geeks want other improvements too . IF we talk about the masses, Points 1 and 4 of your article are the biggest ones I think.

Bigger screen. I've only ever used iPhones but for now I'll echo the bigger the better.

128GB option would be nice.

Beyond that the usual upgrades would be icing on the cake.

Long term I would love for my phone to replace my wallet. I do believe it will happen, too much money at stake for it not to. I just think we're still a good 5-10 years away from that though. =/

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Lightning-to-USB cable still USB 2.0? A bump to USB 3.0 would be nice. I know the future is over-the-air, but syncing 32+GB to an iPhone over Wi-Fi, especially since the iPhone is still on 802.11n, takes a long time. I also know that this "initial" sync only happens once, maybe 2-3 times, for each owner, but it still has to be done when you buy a new iPhone. When Apple moves to 802.11ac this process will be a lot faster, for those with a 802.11ac-compatible router, but offering a USB 3.0 cable, and even a Lightning-to-Thunderbolt cable, would be nice.

NAND Flash can't handle USB3 speeds yet. That's the bottleneck. So, USB3 will be limited unless/until that changes.

Also, USB be old wired tech and this is a mobile device :)

Well, I'm probably not going for a larger screen, but I think consumers should have the choice. We have the choice on iPad and MacBook, why not on iPhones.
What I would like to see is :
1) 128 GB on iPhone 6
2) voice capability on iPad mini

and... dare I dream of a new iPhone ?
Would be some kind of an "iPhone Photo",
like an iPhone 5S with a real optical zoom lens and a real flash...
This could bring the iPhone to new territories, fighting against compact cameras...
I would love that... but I'm just dreaming...

My wants are simple:

1) Bigger Screen - 2014, it is a must and while I prefer to stay with iOS...if they continue the small screen route, I can leave and take the money to android.
2) Better battery life. If the Samsung Note 3 and LG G2 can last 2+ days with hard usage, then there is no reason for the upcoming iP6 can't do the same or better.
3) More RAM
4) More internal memory options. No reason for a 16gb phone nowdays.

No thanks. Not interested in a curvy or a 5 inch iPhone. The lack of these two things is why I love an iPhone, and why 100 million or so people do too.

Bigger Screen. That's all I really care about at this point. Everything else would just be icing on the cake.

I want a bigger screen, better way of typing(swift key-like implementation) ,Airdrop to a mac, something like the way the instashare app works. A notification light can be around the home button that will be cool and a way to reduce the heat it produces. I don't want any of those irrelevant smart features like, eye scrolling or things that will affect battery life.

And lest I forget, they should slash the 16gb version, it doesn't make sense especially for people that have just iPhones as their only iOS device, we practically have just 11gb after the os has been installed.

I want proximity docking to a cinema display with full blown OS X when "docked" and regular iOS when not. and I want it 5 years ago. I have such powerful device in my pocket but much of the power is not used and replacing my laptop with this sort of device would be killer.

Lol. With this list, Rene is just asking apple to copy everything Android. I am just coming from the other side (Nexus 5). Using a 5s now and this big screen issue is a "grass is always greener on the other side" thing. After sometime, you see it's overrated. I pray apple doesn't increase screen size. But if they do, marginally! Not 5 inches! C'mon!! When is it big enough? S5 just announced. 5.1 inches. So now 5 inches is not enough anymore? Better battery life, wireless charging and they should get Siri as smart as Google now is all I want!

Sent from the iMore App

It may be "overrated" to you but certainly not all... When are people going to quit thinking about it as what they like is what everyone likes? Why would it be a bad thing if they made their current size and a larger size for people who want it (like me). To me, a 5 in phone is perfect but again that is MY opinion and I don't bad mouth people who like the smaller devices... I don't want to carry or purchase a tablet when I can carry 1 device to perform what I need from both which makes a 5 in phone WAY better...

Larger screen. I dont want anything over 5 inches. preferably something that can keep a similar overall size. I want more storage without the cost. Flash has dropped so much in price, 32gb should be the min at 199. Each upgrade should not be more than $50 so a 128gb should be $300, maybe $350. I dont care about the touch ID, It never really worked that great for me. I want more freedom without having to jailbreak. actually hide apps without causing the phone to reboot a few times a day. Battery life is fine for me. I do not want anything thinner. I like the feel and weight (I acutually keep a cover on this, so it makes it a little thicker), and I want wireless charging.

Here's my "iPhone 6" wish list.

- 4.7" to 4.9" screen (maybe 1920x1080)
- Longer battery life

Less likely:
- Curved back like 5th-gen iPod touch
- Synthetic sapphire screen

Crazy pants:
- Liquidmetal back: scratch proof with no glass "radio windows"
- AMOLED display: near-zero long-edge bezel width, slight enclosure size increase
- Ultra thin: 6.0 mm to 6.5 mm
- Bluetooth EarPods (eliminating the audio jack for thinness)
- Inductive (aka "wireless") charging: very unlikely
- Name: "iPhone Air"

I'm hoping Apple will go for ultra-thinness and long battery life on the "iPhone Air" this year. The synthetic sapphire lamination (stronger than Gorilla Glass so it can be thinner), slightly larger footprint (a little wider so the battery can be a little wider and flatter), plus possible improvements to electronics efficiency could all add up to an iPhone as thin as the current iPod touch (5th gen.) Somewhere between 6.0 and 6.5 mm.

I'll take one in silver / white. Getting sick of black glass. And gold just isn't my thing.

(About inductive charging: there is waste heat which is inefficient, charging takes much longer than plug-in, the electronics are more expensive, there may be radio interference from the alternating electrical fields, and you can't easily hold up the device to use it while it's on a charging pad unless you attach the pad to the device. I think that's the real killer. You might as well just plug it in and solve all those issues, especially the use-while-charging issue.)

(About Bluetooth EarPods and the audio jack: maybe Apple could eliminate the audio jack and release standard plug-in EarPods with a Lightning connector. That would allow Apple to eliminate the rather large audio jack, which might let them put a little more battery where the jack was. That would free Apple from any need to ship Bluetooth EarPods. 3rd party companies like Jay Bird can handle that. But Lightning EarPods would prevent charging and listening at the same time, unless Apple adds highly-unlikely inductive charging.)

You've hit the nail on the head with regards to battery life and thickness of the phone too, Rene. With more and more power hungry features being added to smartphones, it makes sense to not decrease the thickness of the device but to use a larger battery instead. If, as all sources seem to suggest, Apple will go for the thinner Sapphire Glass over Cornings sterling effort then there could potentially be more space inside the phone too. Fingers crossed.

I would like to see a bigger screen and higher res 1080 or 4K(what the heck). I want to see what apple can do with this 64 bit chip. Still do not know how it is different from the other one but I trust apple.

Sent from the iMore App

1. Larger screen (4.3-4.5' - no more)
2. Allowing third-party keyboards (I mean SwiftKey). So sick and tired of the stock one. It's real pain to type on it.

One thing I'd like to see with the iPhone 6 is the return to a summer release schedule. It seems that so many things are released in the fall that all that is left in the spring is macbook air releases. Also, mac mini and apple tv refreshes, where are you?

I have had the iPhone 3G(AT&T), 3Gs(AT&T), 4(VZ), 4s(VZ) and the 5(VZ )I love the iPhone however having to hang up the phone to check an email or text is beyond embarrassing. Its 2014. I switched to HTC and love it. The build quality is similar to the iPhone so no misses there. There are pros and cons but overall I am happy with it. The only way I would go back to an iPhone is if I can do voice over data and a larger screen.

To be honest, I'd love a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, but not all the way to 5 inches. Preferably somewhere around 4.7-4.8 inches, like the HTC One and Galaxy S3, which I've both used and have no problem using it with one hand. However, after playing around with an S4, I must say that the full 5 inch screen is just out of my reach in terms of trying to pull down the notification center or tapping app icons higher on the screen. A solid 2 day battery is another fantasy of mine (which probably won't happen this time around but hey a guy can dream). Much slimmer bezels would be cool, but not completely bezel-free.

i'd love to see glance gestures. or like the window's phone alway's have the time on the screen, even when not using the phone.


1. Black/Dark ios them.
2. Black phone
3. ability to disable cover art in the music player lists. I prefer straight lists. means more entries per page and less scrolling and easier for my eyes to detect. personal thing.
4. competent night photography.
5. Sprint Spark compatibility

Though i know we won't get it, LESS FLATNESS. A little texture never hurt anybody.

Don't care about: NFC, fingerprint scanners, heart monitors. Truth is there isn't much more i'd like to do with my phone.

Dealbreaker: Huge screen. 5 inches. If it's big i won't get the phone. I'd go android with a smaller phone. being undetectable in my pocket is more important to me than screen size. It it went to 5 inches i wouldn't buy it. 4.5 would be fine. Over that it's starting to get over what i prefer size wise.

Android is black, Apple is all about white and I expect more of that in OSX. White - love it, eat it, live with it.

You're comment lends nothing to the discussion and is fanboy rhetoric. Get over yourself. Apple has been making black phones, ipods, for a long time. The mac pro is black. And there are plenty of rumors of macbook airs in all black aluminum. Get over yourself and your fanboy "live with it" stuff. Sorry i'm not some 15 year old platform zealot. I have an opinion and i'm not required to live with it. And android is whatever the manufacture skins it to be.

Not sure I'm too fussed on NFC, I've had it in my credit cards for years and rarely use it.

The main thing I'd like to see (aside from a larger screen) is more RAM. 1GB just doesn't cut it any more.

A better (bigger) camera wouldn't hurt too. Nokia are so far ahead of Apple in terms of camera tech it's rather embarrassing.

Honestly I love my iPhone as it is right now(5s). Most of the things I want are more with what iOS does. I fully agree with local Siri commands because when it works great but when it doesn't it's absolutely frustrating. I just want better battery. I also would love a bigger and better screen which will pull more power. So if a bigger screen then the same battery life is fine. I feel like having a few more colours would bring a little spice but knowing Apple it wont happen.

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Yep, now it's a certain thing that home screen button is here to stay. I was dreaming of an iPhone with less bezel in 2010 but now that this button has gained additional functionality.....

Honestly, I love Apple and iPhone without a doubt, however... There are mandatory changes that NEED to take place with not only iOS 8, but that next flagship Apple phone too (purposely didn't call it iPhone). Wi-Fi 802.11ac, NFC, Higher-pixel camera-not because pixel size matters, but because wether I use 13 megapixels or not, I'd at least like that option on my high end device., 128GB version because no other mobile phone offers it, wireless charging, an even better camera with image stabilization, an equivalent to a high definition AMOLED display, barometers and temperature sensors would be awesome too and would take Apple back to it's days of bad @ss development!!

Same size screen so you still only have to use one hand to control the damn thing. I just don't get this big screen fad! Plus how is your dock & pocket gonna hold it?

I am amazed this hasn't been mentioned... This is on my list:

- Improved AirPlay
I have an Apple TV which I love and I have an iPhone which I love.. But aside from streaming the occasional YouTube clip I don't use the two together much. I have tried a few times to enjoy some classic Sonic the Hedgehog on my TV played through my iPhone but the lag is unbearable. I even tried some lazy Flappy Birds because the lie-back experience is pretty awesome over the hunched over iPhone squint method.

With the recent push with MFi and controllers and spritekit I would expect a renewed direction for hardware to support an updated AirPlay protocol that is fast and responsive. Much in the way that the Sony PS4 and Vita TV works, but switch that Vita for "Apple" and we're on to something!

My biggest requests for the iPhone 6 are a larger screen, and longer battery life.

My biggest fear is that they will offer a larger phone, but scale the user interface, therefore providing very little improvement in screen real estate. I'd love to see a larger screen with software, unlike Android's approach, that allows for far more content.

And my second biggest fear is that they'll just go thinner again, inching toward their dream of invisibility. I'd MUCH rather a just-as-thin iPhone 6 with incredible battery life. Those two improvements alone is enough to demolish competitors and take back marketshare. And Make me happy.

Rene, do you think they'll scale it? Or add more pixels like they did with the iPhone 5?

They better not make it with a bigger screen. Bigger does not automatically make it a premium device. It makes it another big piece of crap

Rene - the home button issue is easy to resolve. Just put it on the back of the phone. Increase the screen size to the majority of the front. Bingo - bigger screen, same size, same functionality.

One thing is like to see but I doubt we will is a waterproof iPhone - much like Sony and now Samsung with the GS5.

Let's face it. With all the Android phones being made they have innovated faster. Everything listed here is on one Android phones. No one phone has everything though. We need to take a moto x and add apples camera and camera processor along with ois. Then add Sony's water proofing along with a slightly thicker moto x for a larger battery and to add ois. The has chee wireless charging of course. Whoops. Was this only for upgrading the iPhone. I got carried away. I apologize.

Stop Trolling please? Its getting old!
Oh yes back on topic.
Bigger Screen would be nice:)

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Not really. I just added the stuff that would make the iPhone better. You don't think all those things would make the iPhone better. I do but I've used all those phones. I never said Android was the best OS.

Please, please, please stick a larger battery in. The phone is thin enough and I would be ok with a 1-2 mm increase in thickness to put a large battery in. Not these mediocre batteries they have been using. Let's go for all day heavy use, not needing to charge multiple times a day like currently.

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Also if they added a beefier battery they could do voice and data on all carriers. There isn't much if any of a hit with android devices that do this, but with the small battery apple uses, maybe that would be different

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Battery battery battery!!!!! Give us at least 3 times what we have now, or at least an option. So some people can keep their slim 5 hr battery and i can get a thick at least 15hour battery!!!

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I was shocked a simple thing like blinking light wasn't included in iPhone 4 home button. And it's a premium phone.

Waterproofing. Sony has been doing it a while and now Samsung is on it. But I want Apple to go further. I recall reading an article about a company that uses a special progress to coat all the electronics in a micro thin film. This is what I want. True waterproofing not just resistance.

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Good list, but mine would be shorter.

#1 would be better battery life. I don't care if they have to sacrifice thinness to get it.

#2 would be a bigger screen scaled up so I can read it without my readers.

A 128 GB iPhone would be great, but I'm still fine with 64GB.

I think I would prefer a flat screen to a curved screen. And I use a case all the time anyway, so body design isn't too much of a big deal.

After that, just surprise and delight me.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I would LOVE to see some sort of optical zoom on the camera. I realize it's probably next to impossible, but so are certain shots with the current lens.

Great list but from what we've seen from Apple this past years, I think we'll see something like this:

1. 4.3-5 inch screen
2. a spike in RAM (don't think 2Gb but still a spike)
3. New camera sensor
4. New 802.11ac wireless
5. New health sensor
6. New A8 processor which could lead to increase in battery life
7. If they will be going for a larger screen, it stands to reason they will fit a larger battery in it, however due to the increase in screen size I can't promise any increase in battery life.
8. Design wise, it might get some added mm on the back because of the larger battery.

All but the larger screen would be great. NFC would be nice too. But more than anything I want apple to get some of feature working in Japan. They have been pushing features on the iPhone without getting them to work outside the US.

Beware the drive for smaller bezels. I hope they don't get too small... particularly on the lower edge. For example, the galaxy note2 has a small lower edge where the buttons are, and it's hard to press a button without triggering some onscreen thing.

4.3 with better battery and no plastic. I can't imagine an iPhone looking any different than the current.

#1 - would be the one I'd like to see most on the next iPhone.
#2-6 all sounds awesome as well.
I don't know how I feel about an iPhone without a Home button. Might need some getting used to but I'm open to the idea. :)

Bigger screen means I won’t be buying it. For every one like you, Rene, there’s a corresponding ‘me’ who doesn’t want a larger screen, who doesn’t want to look foolish with some giant thing against their ear, who still wants to hold a phone with one hand and not have to stretch my fingers to do so.

So I don’t see how a larger screen will improve Apple’s position on the premium market. Are you saying the techie crowd is now the majority? Because all I see are people with their ‘standard’ size iPhones and the ones with there giant screens are few and far between.

As long as the form factor doesn't change I would love the edge to edge screen, giving room for 4.7" on the same size phone as iphone 5s.
It might be iPhone Air and not iPhone 6, and I agree longer battery life would be a nice priority, and then I do hope for something special that non of the rumors have picked up yet :-)
Have a great day

With larger screen (sure), I would like to see a kind of newspaper like integrated. Like HTC did with its Blinkfeed...Something I think a lot of people woulk like to see knowing that the news is something anyone checks many times a day. They can intergrate it to the notification center, adding a "News" rubric which we could personalise.

Personally, instead of new hardware features (which have been less than stellar for years now), I'd rather see them attack all the deficiencies in the software.

I think they need to go through iOS from the ground up with a new set of eyes, perhaps let the team be run by someone new, who has a good record in UI and UX design and who can re-work the whole system into something more useable and more functional. Someone who can get rid of all the cruft and all the stuff that just exists for dogmatic reasons as opposed to proper design reasons. Someone who's less concerned with how pretty it is or hanging onto concepts of what's cool or trendy and is likely to focus on function first.

Maybe bring back Forestall?

Good list. Software-wise, I'd ask for:

1) On-board Siri. For those of us who travel in spotty coverage areas, Siri is useless too much of the time.

2) Developer access to currently Apple-only areas, especially to Siri and to Notification Center.

3) Ability to specify default apps.

(#2 and #3 Apple could mandate higher App Store scrutiny for any app requesting these abilities. I can't see them doing either, but it's a *wish* list, after all.)

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Better "Size" choice is my number one wish. I would like to be able to choose a phone which "fits" my hands and eyes better. My current iPhone 5 is simply too small to be ideal. I may be an outlier but a 5.5" - 6" iPhone would be ideal for me.

a mobile phone is a phone cuz of the size.....i would want Apple to retain the small size for ease of use in one model and also release a bigger sized-model for the phablet cravers. For me persoanlly if i want big size i say "There is a reason why the iPad exists"

IPhone 6 will be all about a new secure mobile Bluetooth LE payment system with larger screen and improved battery.

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For sure we see a bigger screen because of the hardware behinds the screen! Quad core chipset need room and a bigger battery for sure! And NFC could be we will see it because that's the future of payment

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1st - Move the finger print to the back (problem for people who like cases)and increase screen size (i like the current strucutre and size try to increase screen size with not too much change in overall body size)... enable gestures for onscreen navigation or a hardware button the side for 'go to home' function fpr those who like the physical button otherwise an onscreen button should be good...
not a priority but...better battery life ... no complaints with the current one but would like to have the flexibility of longer use when required

I just really want in the next "IOS" to have widgets added, don't get me wrong, I've been sticking too the iPhone for the OS and Hardware, the hardware is just perfectly made in my opinion even the 5C, but androids widget ability is really what pulled me in to try an android phone, just would love to see widgets on the iPhone..

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Like they could easily add the widgets too the left side of the homepage since nothing's there **HINT HINT***

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I carry my phone in my BRA (as do a few other women I know.) PLEASE don't increase the size of the iPhone, or at least leave us with a small option. The new 5S is good because it is not as heavy as the 4 was but the 5S is almost too big. And for some flatter chested women it is too big. Those of us who don't have pockets and don't carry a purse need an iPhone that is portable.

Yes i would love to see iphone 6 to be a something big... Screen size should be atleast 5 inches and yes it must contain some smart sensors to get a reason to sell... :p

I still think it wouldn't wreck apple's budget or ours to add in a keyboard holoprojector like the public was hoping for with the 5S. It is VERY possible to do it... But not like the concept iPhone 5S video with the projected Mac OS X stupidity...

Swype (in any app, like on Android - that's the only reason why I don't have an iPhone for personal use) and a 5 inch screen.

Shoot, I just want to be able to toggle location settings from the Control Panel...that would satisfy me...oh, and 128GB.

I'm a cheap date....

What a waste of money! Why do Americans these days always feel the need to get the latest iStuff? There is barely any difference between the very first iPhone and the latest model. A touch screen phone with internet... WOW!

You shouldn't be able to complain about the economy or your own personal financial situation if you blow your money on trivial Apple crap.

Many American have a steak taste on a hamburger budget . That's part of the problem we now face from a long time ago. Barrow to the max and then whine about now having enough money . Nice house , car or truck and boat. Can you afford them or does it really matter at this period of time?

I'm just gonna make smart decisions with my money so I don't end up with an empty bank account:

1) Paying off my debts as they come to me. Never holding a credit card balance longer than a month. If this means living in a small studio apartment and eating ramen, rice, and beans, so be it.
2) I will always buy small, fuel efficient and durable cars. I drive a 2006 Honda Civic now. It costs me nothing to fill up and next to nothing to insure ($25/month from Insurance Panda… woohoo!). I will not drive when I don’t need to, and use public transportation whenever possible.
3) Developing multiple revenue streams. Doing side jobs. Building up small businesses. Doing contract work. Basically doing whatever I can to generate income from multiple sources.
4) Grow my revenue and assets no matter what. Make sure I am always expanding and develop them to the point that they consistently generate reliable cash flow.
5) The most important one - make as much as I can. Save as much as I can.

iPhones... ecigarettes... Starbucks... $12 Chipotle Burritos...new clothes.. organic lipgloss... expensive yoga classes. Why not try living in your means for once? No wonder we have a debt crisis.

I would like also the sapphire for scratches because i think any normal people who breaks his iphone will exchange it, so no problem here, but not all exchange his scratch iphone. And i saw a lot. I would love to see perfect iphones on the market.