iPhone 6 to support LTE in 2012 via Qualcomm MDM9615?

iPhone 6 to support LTE in 2012 via Qualcomm MDM9615?

Mickey Papillon nailed the Verizon iPhone and the chipset it would be using a year before it was announced, so when he says LTE just might be coming to iPhone 6 in 2012 via the Qualcomm MDM9615, we're going to pay attention.

Back in February, Qualcomm unveiled it’s next generation of chipsets, including the MDM9615. This chip will provide enhancements in modem performance, power consumption, board area and BOM expense, exactly what Apple is looking for in its devices. The 9615 will support LTE (FDD and TDD), DC-HSPA+, EV-DO Rev-B and TD-SCDMA. This single chip [will likely live alingside] what we will all know as the A6 processor, and will be available in late 2011, perfect timing for Apple to start testing and ready them for production.

(If you're not familiar with all those telecommunications terms, check out our networking glossary.)

So February 2011 introduced the stand-alone Verizon iPhone, fall 2011 will bring the dual-mode iPhone 5, and 2012 will crank this up with an LTE iPhone 6?

Sounds good to me. What do you think?

[The Cell Phone Junkie]

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iPhone 6 to support LTE in 2012 via Qualcomm MDM9615?


Sounds good to me. :D So long as we get HSPA+ 21Mbps as part of the iPhone 5, I can wait on LTE. (as if I had a choice lol...)

I had a 3G and skipped the 3GS for the 4 when my contract expired. I expect I'll be doing something similar this time also. I have no complaints about my 4 so I'm in no rush to upgrade.

we will get a reason to update when we see the iPhone 5... i hope there will be "one last thing" here which will give us a big surprise.

Agreed. When I told everyone that I was preordering the iPhone 4 the day existing customers were allowed to (Verizon) man laughed at me and said "It's not LTE, it will be updated with LTE in June"
My response was always "Assuming a new iPhone comes out in the summer (2011), it will not be a big jump from the 4. The 6, when I am ready/eligible for an upgrade, will be LTE and a jump like the 4 was from the 3G/3Gs"
Between adding a new revenue stream (Verizon) and a white iPhone in the spring, Apple would be fine waiting until Fall 2011 for a refresh.

I have already decided to skip the i5. My wife still has her 3GS but will most likely go with the white i4 when it comes out since the i5 ETA is unknown.
This will allow me to get even better pricing on the i6 or any other phone after November 2011.
Woot, Woot!

My 3gs is getting old. I was hoping to upgrade. I could wait until September for a new iphone but if they don't have LTE and a bigger screen, I think I might have to get a droid.

LTE on verizon is better then my Comcast home internet connection that I pay way too much for. As much as 24Mbps at times. HSDPA+ is around 6Mbps for me. (down)

It wont be called the A6 whoever wrote that doesnt know what they are talking about. The radio chip is totally separate from the SoC which would be the A6

I'm waiting for the i8. I heard it's going to be better than i5, i6, and i7. I'm sticking with my Jitterbug until then.

The A5 processor in the iphone 5 is gonna be nice, so is the added memory. Dual core processor and 1 gig of memory with a slightly larger screen and I might skip the iphone 6. At&t 3g speeds usually work really well for me. Speaking of this its my last day of my billing cycle, let me use up some of this 4 gigabytes of data I'm paying $45 bucks a month for real quick on my ipad.

I really think apple might lose me as a customer. I got the 3gs and its contract is up 8/1. I can wait until September/October for a new iphone. The problem is I want a 4g phone and a bigger screen. I might have to jump on the droid bandwagon.

@Brian the Droidwagon is good! I agree with you, Apple might lose me as a customer too. Did you guys read this about Apple today? I am suprised this isn't on tipb yet? It is from the Associated Press...see link below.

@Dorito. Before you jump for joy on your post regarding Apple, the same is being reported for Android handsets as well on the WSJ.
I know....you thought it would be a great time to gloat, however the shoe is on the SAME foot, my friend!

@FIFA Fo Hello - How am I gloating?
I was just trying to inform our Apple community that Mr. Steve Jobs the ruler of Apple was tracking your every move.
I remember when I had an HTC Inc that was one of the prompts when I was setting up my phone. So it was clear and I understood Google could track the phone (and I am cool with that). Did your iPhone4 alert you of that? I am guessing the answer is no, since my iPhone4 didn't alert me of this.
I'm just trying to keep it real FIFA Fo Hello.
Dorito OUT

What's the difference? You were claiming as if Apple was the only company utilizing a locating service, and then say it's OK to join the Roid bandwagon? I guess it's OK if they tell you..........I really don't care either way.
And by the way......aren't you the same Dorito Chip dude that months ago was a Roid troller? Didn't have an iPhone back then, and now you are claiming you do. Or are you just posing to have one to validate your ramblings? Can't say we have missed you. Been kind of nice to not have to deal with Roidramblings on growth, superiority, etc. Was getting kind of tired, anyway. Maybe you could share your thoughts on those iPad killers Galaxy Tab, Playbook or Xoom? Can't wait.
If you are not the same dude, my apologies.

Benny, I find your name offensive...please change it. Why would you want me to BenDover? To answer your question: YES, iPhone4 is number 1, I have the iPhone with the biggest Gigs. Thanks.

is it naco cheese or cool ranch. just remember this fact without Steve Jobs and Apple smartphones would NOT be what they are today. and yes that is a FACT

I'm getting the iPhone 5 when it comes out. I can't keep using this 3G till mid/late 2012. Why would a processor bump, even if that's all it is, ever be considered minor? That means the i5 will be able to run the most up to date software that much longer. Throw in a storage and/or memory bump, and I'll be ecstatic.

I like the layout of some of the htc phones because they don't have as much bezel. The LTE is really fast also. The reason I would not get the thunderbolt is that it isn't dual core and the kickstand makes it look like a bicycle.

@ Mr Irish man...you are welcome! That is what I do for you and the Apple community! I am just looking after my peps! I thought Jobs had our best interest at heart; however, I was mistaken. I just like to report the facts

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