iPhone App Store Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales


Apple's iTunes App Store is featuring tons and tons of sales this weekend, some for Black Friday, some for Cyber Monday, some for the entire weekend. We know that no matter how cheap some apps start off, there's always a commenter who says "meh, I'd buy it for half that" -- so now we're looking at you, sir! Put your money where your anonymous internet chatter is and go get some great, and greatly en-cheapened apps!

What exactly is on sale? What isn't! But Touch Arcade and 148apps are doing their best to keep lists together. Check them out, or just browse the store. And if you find any really great deals, any hidden gems, let us know in the comments!

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iPhone App Store Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales


@Dionte: Costco has an iTunes card sale But not to sure on the amount. I thing it was 25$ for 20$ so I guess if they lot you get 2 packs of gift cards there is you $50 for $40.

Best buy has three thirty dollar gift cards for twenty five dollars how does that sound like three ten dollar cards for thirty genius???
Ron Jeremy must be going fawking stupid oh no wait your stupid.

Kroger is selling $100 in Best Buy gift cards for $90 (limit $500 in cards,with a Rewards card). If you can use those to buy sets of the 3 $10 iTunes cards for $25 at Best Buy, how many would you have to buy to cover everyone on your list? Not bad if it works: $120 in iTunes cards for $90 cash.

Windy City Novelties (http://www.windycitynovelties.com), makers of one of your favorite iphone apps (glowlight) are giving away their app for free for the next 48 hours! Also if you go to their site today they are offering 25% off their 5000+ selection of party supplies, Glow, Blinkies, and light-up toys. AND you get free freight with qualifying purchases!