iPhone Ninja Tips: Alpha-numeric Passcode for iPhone, iPod touch

alpha numeric passcode iphone

The shinobi-smart folks over at 9to5mac have posted a way for iPhone and iPod touch users to switch away from the retro 4 number pin passcodes that Apple implements, and into a secure alpha-numeric key:

We've built a profile from Apple's corporate developement kit that allows alphanumeric passcodes. All you have to do is open this link (On your iDevice only!) and you will be prompted to pick a new passcode. You will be required to make a passcode with a mix of letters and numbers and you cannot put numbers in a consecutive order. For example you cannot choose "max1234" you would have to do something such as "max2746." If you ever want to remove this feature simply go to Settings/General/Profiles/9to5mac/ then click remove and confirm. Then change your code back to something numeric.

You can grab the link from their site (above), and they remind you they're not responsible for you putting a hyper-secure passcode in place... then forgetting it. If you do give it a try, let us know how it works for you!

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iPhone Ninja Tips: Alpha-numeric Passcode for iPhone, iPod touch


Just set this up. Works like a charm, and i feel a little safer with a complex password. Now if Apple will get on the ball and allow me to set app specific passwords, i'd be set. :D

I set it up as well, and it is great! SO cool..
I ALSO agree that there should be different passwords for apps! Then if people take my phone, they can't go on all my apps! HAH!

I like this much more secure now. And about the app locks that would be handy so when people use my phone they don't go on Facebook and post dumb things lol

"so when people use my phone they don’t go on Facebook and post dumb things"
As opposed to you posted dumb things yourself!

As if this was something new?
When I was forced by my company's Exchange server to pick a password for the phone I made the mistake and picked an alphanumeric one. Unlocking became a nightmare, so I soon changed back to the 4 digit version.

I love this little "workaround", if you will, but I dislike having to use the numbers and letters together. I would much rather have unlimited access to whatever I want to type. Whether it be all letters, or numbers, or symbols. I found a small "glitch" to this "workaround" however. If you install the config profile, set your password to it's standards, then remove the profile completely, you can go back and change your password to whatever you feel like putting in. With or with letters. With or without numbers. No set guidlines. The characters on the entire keyboard are eligible to work.

Everyone assumes that if the iPhone vanishes, it might be because a thief took it... but there may be other reasons. What I'd like to see done is while the phone is asking for the passcode, that the owners name and contact details appear on screen too. So if I found someones phone, or they found mine, the phone could be returned to it's rightful owner as soon as possible.

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