iTunes Music About to Go DRM Free? (Maybe Tomorrow?!)

iPhone vs. Big Media

Apple Insider has published a rumor saying Apple's iTunes service is about to match Amazon MP3 by going DRM free. This follows on a previous story saying Apple was in negotiations to do just that.

Since the introduction of iTunes Plus (the name given to the higher-quality 256 bit DRM-Free music), only EMI has allowed Apple to carry their music in that format, with Warner, Sony, and Universal refusing to do so, instead only offering them to iTunes competitors like Amazon, Napster, etc.

What's changed? Maybe nothing. Or maybe iTunes has just kept growing stronger and is now in a position where they can negotiate the same, consumer friendly deal?

The rumor says we may see the change as soon as tomorrow, December 9th.

Rene Ritchie

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Neo6486 says:

Digital rights management.
Check it out on Wikipedia.

iAirmanshirk69 says:

hey why was i banned? i didnt do anything wrong... =/

daniel says:

when were you banned iAir....?

Mashono says:

I think it was the whole reflectiverays dude thing

Keil Miller says:

I hope this is so. Maybe my music library will start to become legit LOL

iAirmanshirk says:

yeah i think so... even though i was the clean one. It wont accept my old email address anymore =/

Rene Ritchie says:

We didn't ban you or block any email address. Email or PM me with the problem and we'll be happy to trouble shoot!

iAirmanshirk says:

Hmm well im not sure how to e-mail you. However my other e-mail is working fine. thanks for the help though.

RedDevil#IM says:

DRM's great, but it still doesn't help if I can't get iTunes access and can only download the crappy APP's from the aps store here in South Africa :-(

Paulette Zangger says:

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