How-to: Make Your Jailbroken iPhone Look Like and iPad


Redmond Pie has a nifty tutorial up for those who want to give their Jailbroken iPhone and/or iPod touch an iPad look-and-feel (or just a hint of iPhone 3.2!). Here's what you need:

  • Winterboard
  • “Simple iPad Theme”
  • MakeItMine app
  • Shrink app
  • ProSwitcher
  • NYTimes app
  • Classics app
  • Kindle app

Making your old device look like an unreleased new device is hallmark of the hacking community (hey, I had the marimba ringtone and iPhone theme on my Treo 680 for months!), so if you want to get your iPad on, check out Redmond Pie and the video after the break!

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Reader comments

How-to: Make Your Jailbroken iPhone Look Like and iPad


If you really want to turn it into an iPad you're going to need to open the casing and remove the camera :)

Easier than that, and you don't even have to ve jailbroken. Just duct tape it to about 8 other iPhones/iPod Touches.
Note: make sure you don't have a camera, multitasking, any third party software, and anything else that Apple doesn't want you to have.

Yeah, I'll just punch a screw into my iphone's camera lens, put it in airplane mode, and tape it to pad of notebook paper...should feel similar ;-)

Anyone who whines about the iPad not having Flash needs to STFU. Flash is an awful, battery sucking plug-in that needs to be pushed out the door even faster than it is.

Please shut up. Those are just your opinions. No one cares about your views on flash. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the web relies on flash. Apple should not be saying that it is the best way to view the web when you can even view half of the web on their "magical" POS.

@zack you are an idiot.
Maybe apple should get rid of the feature to watch movies, that sucks too much battery
Dont whine because people dont like the iPad flash is only on when your using an app that requires it, If apple added flash

This is for fun. It's great and I'm happier with this then the original iphone look which is boring. Anyway, who cares if there are things that are not included with the new iPad. We will just jailbreak it in a few weeks after its release anyway and have exactly what we want. Chill

Next we will have apple MacBooks and iMacs will run the iPhone os I'm not buying into apples closed system. I don't to support this model if they allow like an unfiltered apps store section I'm game

@ Tom...if u don't like what Apple does or doesn't do then bounce the fk off the ride and take that sh*y flash with u. Tired of people complaining about what Apple doesn't do. If people don't like it then just STFU.

Yeah, might as well dump the phone, wireless, camera, and youtube functions from the iphone, those use waaaaay more battery power than flash ever would...I mean if that's the reasoning behind no flash on an iphone, we should just dump all the features completely and turn it back into a standard, no frills cellphone...that lasts for weeks on one charge ;-)
LOL...if I was worried about battery life I'd still have my samsung brick phone.

YES! the iron fist of Apple fanboys comes crashing down on this thread in orwell-ian fashion...DON'T QUESTION OR passive to it's a computer company folks, not a socialist state...I don't know where you guys live at, but I'll complain all I want, it's called freedom of speech, and last I checked, Apple tends to listen to the complaints of it's consumer base...not instantly, but eventually.

I made my iPhone into a iPad before anyone else on this planet. I done it, decided to make a video. Then the next day a vid comes out so I'm first :)

you're beyond retarded. Why such the hostility? Did I offend your almighty Apple? You need to relax, get outside, and start having a social life.
You fanboys are the worst breed of people.

Apple has been hearing complaints for flash on iPhone for almost 3 years, fact of the matter is Flash is very vulnerable to attacks, and it would open up a new door to malicious attacks on the iPhone, When poorly written actionscript causes users to experience problems that are associated with flash, they will blame it on Apple not Adobe, and Apple will have to wait on Adobe to release updates and fixes, if there are any vulnerabilities found, which will cause a cascading effect that will affect those who jailbreak, because this will force Apple to update more frequently to keep up with Adobe fixes.. and we all know how updates can break the Jailbreak

Great walkthrough, thanks. I now have myself a little wee iPad.
I also need an alternative to the shrink app. Not because of the cost but because it can't be purchased on rock and cydia won't load for me. Anyone have any ideas??

I downloaded that theme, crashed springboard and couldn't get my phone out of recovery mode. Had to restore it.
Not jailbreaking this time to keep the temptation away.

Lol what's with the flash bs. Do you people use flash that much ?Unbelieveable. If you want to cry about something and have apple responed bring stuff that they will put on it. Cause flash is not going to be one of them. If you need flash so bad don't get the ipad get HP or Dells version. Bottom line is you will not see flash on any of these devices. No matter how much you bitch and cry about it. Get over it. That's my op.

really dumb to do it, when u got A, u want B. When u got B, u want A. Somehow winterboard is sucking battery. See when he's doing it, his battery drop from 49 to 39%

@ Tommy
not retarded, just tired of hearing fruits like U piss and moan about Apple don't do this and don't do that...bounce!

@ playa and hungwell,
Your continued griping over Flash is tiring. There is nothing flash does that you can't do by other means. Flash is prone to attacks and any way you cut it will not be as efficient or functional on either of these devices as a full blown computer.
I think some people are just mad some video on the web won't play;) how sad..... I suggest you take it as a sign to go find something else to do.
The thing is, the iPhone is a huge force. The itablet will be as well. Companies and people will design sites that exploit the platforms advantages.

Worked fine here. Pretty cool stuff. It'll hold me over until JAILBREAK 3.2 -- that's what we all really care about. If you rush out and update, you are a fool.

Hi my name is daniel im 13 years old please help me my mom and dad bought me a iphone 3gs plz plz i upgrade the iphone to 3.1.3 i want to jailbreak it plz plz plz plz help me email me at HELP