Mailbox 2.0 brings Auto-swipe, Dropbox sync, and more!

Mailbox 2.0 brings Auto-swipe, Dropbox sync, and more!

Mailbox, the smart email app now owned by Dropbox, has been updated to version 2.0 and it brings with it a couple of notable improvements. Namely, Auto-swipe lets Mailbox try to learn from your gestures in order to predict your common actions. And, of course, Dropbox now handles all the heavy storage and syncing lifting. There are also bug fixes and performance improvements aplenty, so if you're a Mailbox user, Dropbox user, or just want to try — and trust! — email with more server-side smarts, check it out!

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Reader comments

Mailbox 2.0 brings Auto-swipe, Dropbox sync, and more!


So glad they fixed the crash bug that happened like almost every time you launched the damn thing! Smart-mail seems like a useful feature. Excited to see if it actually works though.

Side note: I thought Dropbox was already implemented? I linked my account when they first offered it (after Dropbox purchased it I think?)

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It seems they now they sync settings through Dropbox. I didn't get the difference, but maybe it's related to the android app.

Yep. Signed in on android and all my sigs, accounts and prefs are perfect. That's the difference. They rolled it out for Android before iOS.

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Is there any security or privacy concern with Mailbox lately? The app is good and I rely on it, but I see the word "trust" frequently in articles about this app in the last weeks. Maybe I missed something.

That's the reason I do not use mailbox currently, as I read that all email passes their servers (maybe is stored there?) and that's a no-go, especially now owned by a company like Dropbox.

I see, and it is a legitimate concern. I am keeping the app, but It would be nice to hear from them where and how many messages are stored, for how long and so on. I do not find clear answers online.

I looked around as well and found them saying that none of the stuff is sold to 3rd parties or used for advertisement - ok. Don't know if I should trust them.

I'm becoming more and more sceptical if a company grows that much and spreads its fingers in different directions. Really like the app and it's concept, I must admit.

They seriously made the app require Dropbox now? Even for an existing installation? The app won't let me in to see the mail it had already synced.

I get wanting to integrate the service, but forcing it on existing users is very bad manners, that's a delete.

I don't think you require Dropbox for mailbox to work. I don't have a Dropbox account and it still works for me. I just can't turn on the new auto-swipe feature.

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When I open the app now I'm presented with only 2 options: "Sign in with Dropbox" or "Create a Dropbox". No option to continue to my existing mail account.

Seems like the took away the ability to star emails. I LOVED this app but I also need to be able to star certain emails... I have tweeted dropbox many times to no avail. I understand their ideals of organizing emails doesn't really need "flagging" but that is a must for me and I'm sure for many other users.. I have also noticed that under preferences it still had "un star moved items" yet, I don't see the star icon in the emails anymore...?

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I just had to uninstall this app today because of the lack of starring emails!!
I paid for sparrow instead as it can do this. Fix starring and I'll be back. I have told a lot of people now not to bother with Mailbox for the time being.
Please fix this silly oversight, starring is a valuable feature if you receive many emails.!!

I love the app and the Dropbox sync caught me off guard but so far so good. I see a lot of people touting privacy concerns but considering that it works with gmail and that's what most people have, keep in mind that your already trusting Google before it even goes through Mailbox. Besides, I'm good with Dropbox and they have always done right by me.

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