Mailbox update adds support for iCloud, Yahoo! accounts

Mailbox update adds support for iCloud, Yahoo! accounts

Mailbox has been updated to version 1.7, adding support for iCloud and Yahoo! Mail accounts. Mailbox does not yet support mail aliases from non-Gmail accounts, however. There are a number of other improvements as well, including the return of background sync. You can now also disable the "Help Me Get to Zero" banner that appears in the app. There is another option to disable swiping to open the drawer. Since you can swipe to open the drawer from any point on the screen, disabling the feature prevents you from accidentally archiving messages.

You can download this update right now from the App Store.

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Mailbox update adds support for iCloud, Yahoo! accounts


I think its because of the time that mail has been around, I mean, these days people stay around devices that use Gmail, for that thing you just set an account and go. For Outlook/ Hotmail, there are basically not a lot of users, and probably the accounts are old and people don't use it. In my experience, the best one is Gmail, and has become my primary one, the G-Drive is great, everything works easily and it's secure enough. That said, I have other email accounts.

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This app is the best for emails, I have it since it was released. Great thing is that now supports more mails instead of the Gmail. If as a user you haven't test it out then you are missing a great experience. Don't wait download it!

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This is a great app! I wish app would add some of these features in the native app. Downloading Now!!!!

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Well I guess I have to be the sour apple of the bunch . I have been waiting to try this since I use both gmail and yahoo. I say that it is very cumbersome to use with all the long and short swipes and stuff. For me I just didn't like it. Of course the stock mail app does what I need so its no big deal. But for that that like it enjoy

And the winner for the bestest best email client app for iOS is...
Finally, I've been waiting for quite some time for this. I've tried a lot of email apps but still find Mailbox superior to each of them.
Update: Yahoo support currently disabled. But I'm still willing to wait.