Multitasking updated in iOS 7 with new card-style interface

Multitasking updated in iOS 7 with new card-style interface

iOS 7 is bringing with is webOS style cards for multitasking instead of the current switcher we've had since the debut of multitasking in iOS 4.

Instead of the usual double tapping of the Home button followed by holding down on app icons in order to clear them out of the system tray, you'll now be able to swipe cards upwards in order to get rid of them.

We've all been asking for better multitasking support for a while now and this should make it much easier to manage and get kill apps faster and more efficiently. Apple also claims the new implementation of multitasking for all apps won't kill battery life any more than the old implementation.

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NRJD says:

Multitasking® by Apple

BB-04 says:

You mean Multitasking® by BlackBerry since all apple did was copy them.

Xadion says:

What you meant to say was it is borrowing from BlackBerry (playbook- as BB10 is not card style sadly) - who in turn borrowed from WebOS - the first mobile OS with true multi-tasking...stupid HP

Glad to see the best form of multi-tasking come forth... will make my choice harder in replacing my Pre3

rhodri22 says:

I'm pretty sure that Windows Mobile was the first smartphone OS with multitasking actually...

It just really sucked though...

morpho4444 says:

if windows mobile was first than old legacy bb then yes.. I remember having multistaking in y old bb9000... But I can be wrong

rhodri22 says:

It first appeared in WM5, released in 2005. BB Bold 9000 (?) was released in 2008.

morpho4444 says:

but I remember older versions had this multitasking as well

But Im not sure.. in 2005 I was in highschool I don't remember nothing from then

rhodri22 says:

Either way, multitasking existed before Palm / WebOS. WebOS just did it much better than everyone else.

x I'm tc says:

Um, no. This was Palm's idea.

iSRS says:

Who borrowed heavily from iPhone OS 1 Safari.

In other words, the circular nature of things continues.

If your path in life leads yourtodrive to be first, you are missing the point. The goal OS to be the best. Gladly, Apple understands that.

hulickr says:

Only that webOS actually worked for the actual OS, not just a simple browser app... unlike anything else :-) till Blackberry "borrowed" it... so who is Apple "borrowing" from really. And the reality is that they took a ridiculous amount of time to implement the greatest OS paradyme implemented to date, which has been acknowledged as such years ago by those in the know.
The saddest part is that Palm/HP ceded the opportunity to prove to the world their OS innovation was so simple and logical, and years ahead of their competition, while their competitors released years of iteration after iteration of clumsy operational functionality, through expert marketing and brand hype. Of course we know that marketing trumps functionality every time, and that was the failure of Palm and HP, like beta vs VHS. HP had the opportunity to be a player, and instead tripped on their d@%ks and quit the game. As happy as I am personally with webOS, I have to concede that great ideas, especially if left abandoned, must be taken forward by those who can make a difference and so I applaud Apple for acknowledging that, especially in mobile, multitasking is THE most practical and necessary OS feature to allow mobile users to interact on the go, quickly and easily. They seem to still miss the point on notifications, but maybe iOS 8 will realize that webOS and those that copied it (including Android) are actually providing real user benefits that improve the user experience.(which they claim is their greatest marketing point) I'm sad that webOS got shitcanned,, but its good to see that eventually the world will have an idea of what was so great about it, even if they never took the chance to experience it themselves. Sadly, the masses don't actually understand or care about the user experience until they've experienced it firsthand, and for Apple, and Android, marketing is king and brilliantly executed. Regardless, at least someone is acknowledging the brilliance of what makes webOS such a Mecca for those that have had the experience.

zlos7ar says:

I have no idea who was first but and who got the idea from who but ios multitasking looks like windows phone only the font is different.....

mattmers says:

I added IMORE to my passport just to tell you your wrong, webOS first. and I have already posted this in the webOS forums.

NRJD says:

I know, it was a joke. Apple could introduce whatever they want and people would still credit them with inventing it. Like when people say something like the Z10 is an iPhone copy. Sorry, I forgot that Apple invented and patented the rectangle with rounded corners and the touch screen. Apple constantly sues people for stealing their ideas, yet their ideas usually aren't THEIRS to begin with!

Jenna Jameson says:

Hey genius.....can you please point to when Apple, or anybody associated with the company stated they invented multitasking?

I know, dumb comment to make with no support.......think before you post.

ARWestenberger says:

I couldn't agree more. It is almost comical that everyone started out by copying Apple, and now the shoe is on the other foot. Being a BlackBerry user myself, I love the multitasking that BBOS 10 has created, and if Apple didn't steal it I would almost be insulted. I am liking what Apple has done with iOS 7. Absolutely looks better than their previous efforts.

mikeo007 says:

Lol Blackberry apologists crack me up.
Unless by copied you mean learned from all of Blackberry's mistakes...

Billy Beefcaked says:

Are you kidding me?! Cards and true-multitasking was invented by Palm and was what made WebOS the greatest mobile OS until now.

Blackberry hasn't brought any innovation in a decade.

Dionte says:

Looks nice, can't wait to play with it.

Premium1 says:

Nice little additions they have "borrowed" from other OS, now don't get all sue happy for something they have had for awhile...

NerdyNugget says:

They already have their lawyers ready

infty says:

That's right Richard. This is identical to the cards in WebOS.

willizen says:

which is technically identical to the tab switcher in safari on iOS, which debuted with the original iphone.

NoNexus says:

Another great innovation! oh wait...

Maal628 says:

Hmmm multitasking looks exactly like BlackBerry Playbook. Quite funny.

Tariq.H says:

except webOS is pretty much dead lol

richard_rsp says:

Whats with all the negative comments?

I'm very excited to see Apple integrate this style of multitasking in their phones! I had this on my Palm Pre, Pixi, and Pre2; then had it on Blackberry Playbook; now its Apple's turn.
Just because it isn't new, doesn't make it bad. It was a great design and glad to see its integration in iOS!

Derrick4Real says:

There are platform zealots all over. They've got an axe to grind and/or just want their side to win whatever they think is out there to be won. I find it quite childish.

CORYK333 says:

Well said........I'm still waiting to find out what the actual prize or trophy is for "winning" the mobile OS game that some (pathetic) users (of ALL platforms) seem to think they are playing.

kidkb1 says:

Wow. So Apple straight copied (I won't use the "s" word) the card idea from WebOS. It was the biggest thing I missed from my Palm Pre. I'm happy to read so many people recognized it!

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ame says:

I loved that part of WebOS, so I am totally psyched.

joshrocker says:

Same here. It was my favorite part of webos and the thing I miss the most.

japomani says:

I am a webOS fanatic, so I'm ecstatic. But to set the record straight, webOS stole the cards metaphor from apple mobile safari first, it is how you switched tabs in safari. Palm made far better use of it.

anywho, I do hope don't have to hit the home button twice to activate the cards view in ios 7. that will be a drag. I hope there are some configuration options. From the videos, it looks like the default is to have the settings pop up on swipe up, and multi tasking on double tap

Grabber5.0 says:

That's what the Apple website says you'll have to do.. I would have much preferred the up-swipe be for card view like it is in webOS, and use part of the top bar for the control panel. But hey, I can live with it. This is far better than what is in iOS now.

drnggaj13 says:

how do you close out all the apps just asking

joshrocker says:

If it's anything like webos was, then you'll just swipe up to "throw the card away". I don't know if it will be like now where apple says you don't ever have to delete apps from the multitasking drawer.

khobia2 says:

Well HP wasn't doing anything with it. What a waste of a great OS. Glad I can use a little of it on my iPhone and iPad.

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impulse101 says:

The funny thing is IOS doesn't do true multi-tasking lol even though they are trying hard to copy Android with notifications and now "task" switching. It's not the same.

jorkobe23 says:

Nah you are wrong. iOS 7 supports the true multitasking not just task switching.
If you haven't watched the keynote yet, go to watch it before informing someone completely wrong information.

khobia2 says:

Please if HP goes after Apple they should get Blackberry first. They gulping up webOS UI before the nail was in the coffin.

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joshrocker says:

Since giving up my pre I haven't followed webos all that much but I'm pretty sure HP open sourced the webos code.

Dev from tipb says:

Do you get to the cards by a double tap of the home button, or with a gesture? People tired of wearing out their home buttons want to know...

kojita says:

Nice to see Apple inspired by BB10, great honor actually, and shows that BlackBerry has climbed back. Good luck catching us with in-car systems...QNX was such a smart move!
Overhaul seems exagerated, rather some catch up features and a pale new theme...they could have been more inspired really but as always it will work.

FearL0rd says:

No creativity. I cant believe that Apple copied Microsoft on this new IOS.

mitsuyager9 says:

Wow very nice blatant copy of WP multitasking, are you serious?

kataran says:

webOS lives on

glad I choose the iphone 5 to replace my pre2

m_thoroughbred says:

Does it really matter who was first? I mean really. What matters is that at least iphone has a much better looking way to multitask. That to me is what matters. But arguing over who copied who and who was first? It's the most ridiculous thing to argue about. Who cares?

BBooDad says:

I don't care who did Cards first or what font etc. just glad as an old webOS'r that I can flick apps away again.... But not nearly as well as webOS did, if only from the app tray, not from main screen. Oh well!