Path now available for iPad

The social network Path has been updated with support for the iPad. In portrait, it has a design that you would expect -- sidebar on the left with your stream to the right. In landscape, a summary of the posts for the day are displayed as a collage of photos, movies, music, locations, and book previews. It's a very visually appealing to consume the content shared by your friends.

Swiping left and right will advance between days and tapping on a post in the collage will display it larger with likes, comments, and other relevant information to the right. The design is very nice and functional.

Path was off to a decent start when it first released and was proving to be a decent alternative to Facebook and Twitter especially considering that it integrates with both services, but after it was discovered that Path uploaded users' entire address books to their servers many people deleted their accounts immediately and never returned even after Path apologized and fixed the security hole. It's a shame, because Path actually has a very nice interface and is a refreshing change to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Is anyone planning to give Path another chance now that it's available on the iPad?

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Reader comments

Path now available for iPad


I could never get anyone to join me on the social network, no ones to try something new or an alternative to Facebook, it's a shame

I use it as a sort of Rosetta stone to the other social networks. Check in in Path and broadcast to FB, Twitter, and FourSquare. Take a picture and ahae on FB, Twitter, and Tumbler. I just wish it was integrated with G+ too. I prefer G+ over FB and Tumbler.
Anyway, Path is a beautiful app and perfect for documenting your life. You can share as much or as little as you want to easily. This is especially true if you don't have many connections on Path.