TiPb Presents: Phone different Podcast #35 -- App-ocalypse Now

Dieter and Rene rant about the App Store, rumor about iNetbooks and iTablets, and recap the CEOh-Snaps! of the week. Plus, how-to's and forum news!

Bonus Links

  • Bertrand Serlet shows how Windows Vista copies Mac OS X Leopard. We wonder if Scott Forstall will do similar with the Palm Pre UI come WWDC next...
  • Also, check out Dieter in the crossword leader boards! Can you challenge his mad skillz?


  • Early iPhone prototype on Ebay (Now with Video!)
  • U2 ditches Apple... er... Dell... er... Palm for BlackBerry bucks
  • AT&T cracking down on iPhone unlockers?
  • Nokia and Verizon merging to form iPhone 4G killer?

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    Rene Ritchie

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    TiPb Presents: Phone different Podcast #35 -- App-ocalypse Now