PhoneView Desktop Companion for iPhone on Mac OS X


PhoneView is a desktop companion that fills in the holes left by iTunes for any iPhone user on the Mac (sorry Microsoft faithful). Some of PhoneView's features are as follows:

  • Use your iPhone as a disk
  • Play and export music
  • Create, edit and save notes
  • Search and save SMS/MMS messages
  • Download camera photos
  • Save voicemails
  • View and export call history
  • Play and save voice memos
  • Export synced photos
  • Export Contacts

We often see folks in TiPb's forums looking for more syncing functionality than what iTunes provides. Could this be for you? PhoneView is available to demo for free and $19.95 to purchase a license. Be sure to check out this video for a quick tour of PhoneView's features and functionality.

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Reader comments

PhoneView Desktop Companion for iPhone on Mac OS X


I don't get the big deal...they're are all kinds of Windows apps that do this for free (ifunbox is the first that comes to mind)...iPhone Explorer gives you access to this stuff as well.

@CJ - It would be an idiot not to spend that kind of money on that app. It's great for "borrowing" music, contacts, pictures from other family member's iphones. Best $20 I ever spent, saved me a bundle on buying songs I already owned.

Windows version please! Those other ones people listed in the comments above don't do half of what this does. Pretty much all I can find are ones that let you use your phone as an external drive. Who cares about using it as an external drive? Files or AirSharing in the app store does it just fine and you can still access those files from another web browser if you're on wifi. That's better than having to install the program on every computer you want to transfer those files to.
Now if someone would find a way to backup and restore my app data I'd be willing to open up my wallet. Updates run so much better with a clean install. Every time apple releases an update I have to decide if the glitchiness is bad enough yet to justify losing all my app data.

@CJ, did u know that the app works on not jailbroken iphone? i think this app nice enough which allowed u to do so much thing for not jailbroken iphone (unless u can tell me other app like this, i'd be thankful for that info)
fyi, mine are not jailbroken, if u wonder why? because i want to use my iphone without worrying to crash etc.. sorry if i dont hav "extra" time to "custom" my iphone... u can choose what suit u best and let me to choose mine... tx

Superb site, where did you come up with the info in this piece? Im glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.