iPhone 6 screen again rumored to be 4.7-inches, production to start as soon as next month

iPhone 6 mock-up

Rumors of a larger iPhone 6 continue to grow with a new report today claiming that displays will go into production starting in May. According to Reuters, Japan Display and LG have both been approached to make the panels with a 4.7-inch likely to be made first.

Following this, a larger, 5.5-inch display is expected to begin production, with the delay down to difficulties with mass producing it at that size. Both sizes are expected to use in-cell touch panel technology which allows for thinner construction.

It isn't the first time we've heard that larger iPhones are on the horizon, and it probably won't be the last. Supply chain rumors are rife, but the truth remains that we won't know for sure until Apple tells us. But would you buy one either at 4.7-inches or 5.5-inches?

Source: Reuters

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iPhone 6 screen again rumored to be 4.7-inches, production to start as soon as next month


I may well drop my iPad mini if they come out with a 5.5" and just go with that. I don't make many calls, but I use my phone as hotspot, social (FB, Twitter, etc) and texting, as well as news..

To me, the larger screen is of much more value.

Same here. I would prefer the 5.5, but only if it could use "tablet" apps. I would like to get away from double purchasing apps. As it stands I swap between my 5s and a note 3 as my primary phone. I have an iPad mini retina as well. I no longer buy apps that are strictly made for the iPhone and just purchase the Google version, if there is one.

I agree with that. 5.5" iPhone would be extremely big and I am not sure if it will help them to get more sales. I mean that, iPhone 6 with 4.7" will get public first, and then iPhone 6 with 5.5"?
A 4.7" screen for a very good size, no need for more size ... Apple wants to make things largers and thinner...
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Can't wait for a 5.5 iPhone 6! I'm tempted to switch from my Gold 5S to an HTC M8 or the Note3 but then I think of the Android OS & I get disgusted. Hopefully the 6 drops in July.

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Disgusted? Really? It's a phone. Things like genocide, rape and child molestation disgust me, but hey, guess we're all on a different plane of existence.

It's a tech blog FFS. He is allowed to be disgusted. It's a little thing called context, do ya get it?
I suggest you take your leftist greenie moral grandstanding somewhere else mate. You must be fun to have around for dinner parties oh great moral one! I bet your wife/girlfriend/mother secretly hates you.

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I'd begrudgingly take the 4.7" model, assuming the current 4" model is being nixed. This assumes that the 5.5" model doesn't include exclusive features that I find compelling. Really though, I'm one of those weird people who went from a large android device to an iphone 5 because the screen seemed to be a more ideal size.

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I don't think they should stop production of the smaller 4" iPhone. There are a lot of people that don't want a larger phone. I know several people that have stuck with their 4s for as long as possible because they liked that size. I'm all for more choice, not less.

I think a 4.7" would be a perfect size. A 5.5" is huge for a phone. l will wait until they are both out and try them before I make a decision.

I want it to fit my pocket, I don't use purse do store it in so... :p. the sizes of the 5 & 5s are great as it is, I don't want bigger and we don't need bigger for portable fun/tool, do we? If they could make just the screen wider and not the iPhone itself...

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I'm due for an upgrade in June (still trying to rock a 4). If where is real evidence that it will drop in July, I'll wait and get the 4.7" 6. Otherwise I will gladly get the 5s.

I think 4.7" would be ideal for me. I would like to try a 5.5" for the Phablet experience, but realistically think 4.7" would probably be the best size for me. Primarily because of one handed use and and putting it in my pocket. This is all without actually seeing the device. Who knows I could fall in love with a 5.5" if/when it comes out.... Time will tell.

If they only release a 4.7 inch then that's cool. It makes sence as to how it fits in your hand as a phone but a 5.5 inch would be a mini mobile computer/iPad. Which is what I really want!

Besides the Galaxy note, how many 5.5" phones are out there? In fact when the GS5 and new HTC One got slightly bigger a lot of reviewers complained about it. I'm sorry but I think the phablet is a niche product. The best selling phones are 5" or less. If you want a phablet get an iPad mini and use VOIP.

A 5.5" Phablet would be great. If that didn't happen, 4.7" would at least bring Apple up to date. Some battery life improvements and a faster Quad core CPU would round things out nicely. Since Apple does more with less, bringing the hardware up to parity and increasing battery life would be much more than the slight upgrades that we've become accustomed to.

4.7" seems about right. I would like to try out a 5.5 but seems like it would be a mini iPad Mini.

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Well, an iPad Mini is 7.9", so even though 5.5" feels pretty big it's still quite a bit smaller than an iPad Mini.

I also hope that they continue reducing the bezel to get more screen into a smaller device. Although as usual that comes with the caveat of battery life, etc.

I'm thinking the 4.7 inch right off, but it would be interesting to see just how sleek a 5.5 inch phone from Apple turns out.

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Definitely a 4.7 for me. 5.5 is way too big. I've already decided to switch to something else if they don't make the screen any bigger this time

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I have no desire for a Phablet. If I wanted that I would get an iPad Mini and use TalkTone. Of course it looks like google is about to make that great app useless.

Once upon a time I would have said a 5.5 inch screen was way to BIG, but after using my Galaxy Note3 (5.7 inch) for the past month...NOT any more. I can actually see without picking up the reading glasses (eyes aren't what they use to be). I do luv my 5s and I would welcome a 4.7 or 5.5 iphone (6). Tablet?..what tablet...I am no longer in the market to purchase a tablet.

This is exactly why there will NEVER be a 5.5" iPhone. People who use their devices that way, essentially use the phone as a tablet. That's why the "phablet" word exists.

A 5.5" device is only useful as a tablet and iOS has different software for tablet uses as opposed to phone uses. It's more likely there will be a smaller tablet, than a larger phone. In "iOS land" a phablet is only plausible if it runs iPad software, not iPhone software.

I'm in at 4.7" Its the perfect size. Upto 5" is top of the mark for me. 5.5" is too big for a phone IMHO.

I just upgraded 4 days ago to an iPhone 5s, but with a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 coming in the next few months.....I'll be upgrading once again.

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I'll give the 4.7 a look and most likely go the 5S route. Holding out hope for a more realistic 4.3 screen myself.

4.7 is perfect for me! I'm not into the whole phablet realm yet! I still enjoy using my iPhone with one hand.

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I would have to try it. I need reading glasses to really use the phone, anyway. Somehow, I don't think it'll make as much difference as the accessibility features in iOS 7.1 did. But if it feels right and isn't too heavy, I might just buy a bigger one. 4.7 seems more right than 5.5 to me.

First of all it find it silly that people are still saying Apple is "behind" or "out if date" because the screen size is still 4". As if the only thing to measure the quality of a device by is it's screen size. Give me a break.
That being said, I would love a 4.7" screen iPhone. For me, 5.5" is just too big- I have an iPad for that already. Also, I have to wear suits almost everyday for work. No way I could carry a 5.5" iPhone in my suits pocket. "Is that a phablet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Lol

If Apple is able to reduce the bezel size on both the top and the bottom, I'd be okay with a 4.7", but that would be the max. 4" is just about right. A 5.5" phone is just to big for pockets and it looks retarded when people use them as actual phones.

No way in hell if it's as big as the mock-up in the pic... The problem is, there's no decent android alternative that isn't at least as ginormous anymore. Guess I'll get a shit ass flip phone and the latest iPad mini... If this rumor is true, I hope tablets start shrinking down in size to the size cellphones were a few years ago.
Zach Morris is an ass clown!

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I always wonder why f-androids insist on a tablet sized phone and a phone sized tablet … and seem to think that is a big reason "Android is ahead"… ahead of what? IIRC, people were mocking the original iPad as, "… just a large iPhone…" - WTF, no wonder the World is sideways, upside-down and FUBAR.

Generally 5.0" is my upper size limit for phones (and 4.5" is my lower limit), so 4.7" would be perfect for me and I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

As for 5.5", nope, I don't want a phone quite that big. So I'd go for the 4.7".

Depends how the spec each device. If the 4.7 gets lower specs I would go with the 5.5 even though that's a little on the large side, especially with all the bezel apple has on their phones.

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4.7" iPhone 6s will be 5.5". 3Gs (speed), 4s (Siri), 5s (scanner), 6s (size). 4.7" is ideal.

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I really wonder how well these features are going to pan out? I have a medium sized hand and truthfully speaking my iphone 5 is the perfect size for me to reach all the corners with ease. Well i guess i will have to wait and see live everyone else...

i will never get a 5.5" though and look like one of the phablet idiots holding a textbook to their face and lower abdomen

If they drop a 5.5" iPhone I'll be waiting until the fall to get that. Regardless, I will be getting the largest size they end up offering.

I'm looking to rotate up my devices. I enjoy my iPad Mini but there are times when it's a bit too small. I'd like an iPad Air, but I can't really justify having an iPhone, two iPads, and my MacBook.

I was skeptical moving to a larger phone because I do think it looks a bit silly when my wife holds her Note 3 up to her face (though I have a much larger head than she does so maybe I can pull it off). However, I usually have my 5s clipped to my waist of the time and use headphones / bluetooth to answer calls / interact with Siri. Most of my iPhone use-cases can be hands-free (though Siri isn't always fabulous for speech-to-text she is passable).

I like the idea of being able to toss a 5.5" iPhone in my backpack with bluetooth turned on and be able to answer calls / etc. Then when I need to I can pull it out and use it for media consumption, etc. This would become my primary device and I'd only need to use the full size iPad or MacBook when I need the extra screen size or productivity options.

4.7!!! But it'll be next December before I get a new phone. But I know it'll be another iphone!! #teamiphone #teamgoldiphone5s

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If they go over 4" I WILL NEVER BUY AN IPHONE AGAIN!!! I love them, but will never go past the 5S

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iPhone w/4" screen is very nice… I hope they keep one of these around and offer a 64GB variant … I would say the 5S has "long legs" performance wise, so maybe this will still be made into 2015.
The thing is, going from the 3G, 3GS to the 5 was very nice with the high DPI screen, it was a lot easier to see some things than the older screen, an not much larger. I have seen people complain about the 5/5S screen size being too big … most of them ladies, but it is funny watching someone (mostly ladies) open them massive phablets, that look even more ridiculous against their smaller hands/head/face.

A 4.7" iPhone would be interesting. I mean really - Apple has at least two tablet models, many computer models and only one basic phone model? (form wise). The 5.5" would be kind of huge for a phone … yet maybe there is a market for giant hands.