Review 12: Arrow

Review 12: Arrow

Review is our movie, television, and general geekery podcast where we talk about everything from 80s flicks to the latest blockbusters to classic and modern shows. On this week's episode Serenity, Guy, Dan, Rene, and Dave get all up into the CW's Arrow. Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, we discuss the first 2 seasons of Oliver Queen lost on the island of Purgatory and the city of Starling, the characters, arcs, and themes. Subscribe and listen along!

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Review 12: Arrow


Best show on tv. Looking forward to dc really moving on this and getting a few more spinoffs. How about Deathstroke? Imagine a crossover finale for them all.

I'd love a Nightwing or Arrow-verse Birds of Prey (Felicity as Oracle) spin-off. I'd dearly love The Question as well.

Depending on how Flash does, there's a lot of possibilities.

I'd say suicide squad but they really need a rogues gallery. It would feed off what to do with the villains caught on each show.

I realize it took The Dark Knight trilogy to get to the place that we could have Arrow, but it really is a lot more enjoyable and cohesive than the Nolan movies. It's gritty too, but i don't feel like I'm in need of an antidepressant when it's over and the characters feel more true to source material. Deathstroke would own the Nolanverse Bane.

On a similar note, I loved Smallville, but Justin Hartley's Green Arrow was too campy for the Arrowverse. Incredibly glad they cast Amell. Adding Barrowman was a boss move as well.

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What frustrates me about Arrow (well, Hollywood and serial shows) is how they fail to use Netflix to hook new users. A latecomer to Arrow, I devoured season 1 in a few days. I eagerly awaited season 2 so I could jump into season 3 live - but season 3 came and went, and season 2 is still not on Netflix, so I skipped both. Yes, Arrow season 2 is on iTunes (though not sure if it was before season 3 started), but you would think a serial like Arrow might benefit more by hooking in as more fans while the show is young rather than selling iTunes downloads to the people already watching.

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Great job on Arrow! A bit of trivia you didn't mention on the episode regarding Thea: It was established at the end for Season 1 that Moria Queen's maiden name, and Thea's middle name, is Dearden. In the DCU, Mia Dearden was the second Speedy after Roy Harper. I'm guessing the next time we'll see Thea will be in the guise of an archer trained under Merlyn who will start off as an enemy for Ollie but will eventually become another ally.