Safari receives updates in iOS 7 including new tab views, smart search fields, and more

Safari receives updates in iOS 7 including new tab views, smart search fields, and more

Safari is going to receive quite a few updates in iOS 7 including an updated tab view, new gestures, and more.

The new navigation menu in Safari has received an updated design just like the rest of the core apps. One of the biggest changes is how tabs and other features are displayed. Each tab will be shown in a tilted stack so you can see exactly what you're looking at. To get rid of a tab, just swipe it sideways.

To see even more features of iOS 7 as Apple announces them, check out our WWDC live coverage!

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fritzdoss says:


You are going to be VERY BUSY in the coming months, teaching us all how to get the most out of all these new apps and features in 7. Just finished watching the keynote. Best line of the address "can't innovate anymore My Ass!!!"

Name Error 404 says:

Can't innovate? Eh.
I would say this was more iteration than innovation.

I love the new iOS design, but that is because it gives me the multitasking of the palm pre (which I own and love), the design style of Windows Phone 7/8 phone style UI (stupid naming, but again, I own and love), and some of the functionality of android in the quick access bar (or you could say copied from SB Settings on Jailbreak).

I am no fanboy of Apple, Google, or Microsoft; I am a tech fanboy. Multimillion dollar corporations aren't my friends. I don't care who wins. I don't even want a winner. I just want the best gadgets that I can get. Right now, that looks to be iPhones and other Apple stuff (with some Google and Microsoft apps - seriously, get Photosynth). If that changes, I will get something else.

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