Siri updated for iOS 7, new UI and answers more questions

Just demonstrated at WWDC 2013, Siri has had a makeover and an upgrade for the newly announced iOS 7. Now included in Siri is Bing results, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Siri can control more of the device than ever before. It can adjust your screen brightness, turn on and off Bluetooth, and more besides. Siri also has a new male and female voice, and has had a UI overhaul in fitting with the rest of iOS 7.

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Reader comments

Siri updated for iOS 7, new UI and answers more questions


Siri is using Bing as their Search Engine, Great idea, look what Bing has done to improve the sales of Windows phones. Bite the hand that feeds them no matter what it costs. Just hope Bing can be shut off or at least give the user a choice.

Still no Siri for international customers? I guess because we are not in California, you know, not part of the Apple "values." So why bother with the money we have spent? Who needs non-US customers anyway? Leave them for Google and MS.

Oh well. Enough arrogance is enough. Time to start selling my Apple gear. Too bad after so many years with the brand that used to be cool.

I get your frustration, but unfortunately, you'll probably run into this no matter which devices you use. A lot of Android features and apps, including Google Now, either don't work at all or are pretty feature-crippled outside of the US.

Exactly.....but he won't let those facts get in the way of the negative Apple comments he's been spewing on here for the last few months. Maybe he'll go hop on the next "cool" brand (his words, SMH).

Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. Siri is a useless gimmick. Never understands, and is just a waste of time for anything other than a quick laugh at its responses.

Any mention after the keynote of on-device voice processing? That is my biggest gripe with Siri -- the fact that even things like voice dialing, which should match against a small set of known, local data -- performs so unbelievably sluggishly or not at all when in a weak data area.

iPad 3 had Siri when iOS 6 was released. So I would assume that these features will be available for the iPad 3

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Some unanswered questions...will new calendar still update my Google calendar on PC. The picture showing new message page doesn't have the voice capability (microphone? Will that still be there on Email and text messages?