Skype for iPhone "No Longer Available" - Yeahbuwhat?

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If you click on an iTunes link to get the Skype for iPhone App, as of this writing, iTunes pops up a notification saying Skype for iPhone is not currently available in the US App Store, or other international App Stores. If you search for Skype, the Skype app doesn't show up. Skype's official iPhone app page, still tells you to "Get it now", but it's currently not get-able.

Temporary glitch? Sign that maybe, finally it's being replaced with the 3G version AT&T, Apple and Skype said back in October '09 would be coming our way? Or just gone as in another App Store brouhaha may be brewing?

An international, hours-long lasting glitch sounds odd. Removing an old version and leaving nothing available for a time before replacing it with a new one isn't typically how the App Store works -- it's usually fairly unnoticeable to the end user (known bugs not withstanding). Unless CES is going to mean an announcement from Skype? And, well, we can't imagine something this high-profile would just be gone, right?

We'll update If Skype for iPhone comes back up, same as before or new and 3G, or if we get any solid info.

[Thanks to @mugunthkumar for the tip!]

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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

Andrew says:

Perhaps related to pending "Nexus One" ann today from Google?

Charlie says:

Yep, I'm not even seeing it when I search for Skype in the app store. I really hope this isn't the next google voice. I already have it, but the app is far from perfect and I'd to think I'm stuck with the version I currently have.

Kable says:

yeah i just went on to the site and it worked fine for me, i am in australia just so you know, so i guess its just the canadian and US stores

Rene Ritchie says:

@Kable Skype's web site is fine, but if you go to the Australian iTunes App Store, Skype for iPhone is currently not available there either.

Luke says:

Gone from the Irish app store aswel doesn't even show in search results.
Skype will always be better than any other voip app released by apple because of it's large user playform and it's high compatability with other devices.

Peter Parkes (Skype Blogger) says:

Whoops – sorry to hear people have been having problems downloading the app.
We’re investigating at the moment – will keep you posted.

USAFRetired says:

Apple probably told Skype to go pound sand. ATT is saying thank you Apple.

antonioj says:

they might as well remove it, cause they're incapable of actually making it usefull by adding push notifications!

Mike says:

Gone from Japanese store too

Peter Parkes (Skype Blogger) says:

@antonio Push notifications are coming – Russ Shaw’s most recent blog post has more details.

antonioj says:

They´ve been promising it for ages

Peter Parkes (Skype Blogger) says:

We’ve identified the fault which caused the app to disappear from the store. We’re fixing things at the moment, and I expect that the app will be fully available in the next few hours. Sorry for the interruption to service!

Brandon Lee says:

This kind of thing happens all the time, probably due to wrongly configured settings in iTunes Connect. In the Singaporean App Store, Doom Classic and Wolf3D Classic have been missing for weeks (since Doom went on sale), and only the free version appears under id software. Sigh.

Chris says:

I don't know what time the post went up, but 24 minutes after the first comment someone that appears to be from Skype comments and says they're investigating the problem. About an hour later they've found the problem and are in the process of fixing it. Good job Skype.

Rene Ritchie says:

Thanks Peter! So no CES Skype over 3G announcements then? ;)

fastlane says:

Apple haters eat crow once again. :roll:

USAFRetired says:

@Rene--guess we're still high and dry when it comes to Skype over 3G. My guess is we won't see it until Apple and ATT go their own ways.

JorgeOscar says:

There may be something else brewing. Up until yesterday afternoon, I was using Skype over 3G using voipover3g app downloaded from Cydia. After that, it stopped working. I tried almost everything I could think of (reloading voipover3g, loading My3G, deleting Skype and trying to reinstall it - that was how I came accross the dissappearance of Skype from the iTunes store). Somebody else had the same problem?

Mat says:

@Peter Parkes: any updates on skype not being currently available on the app store?

frog says:

People still use Skype?

3Gs on Fido says:

Skype not working for me either.
My Skype status is stuck at "Connecting".
Please come back Skype, I miss you already.

Matti says:

The old version 1.2.2 now available in Finland (EU).

Ben says:

I bought and iPhone yesterday and tried to install Skype but also found it was missing, luckily I had it on my old ipod touch, so just transferred. Don't know what you all mean by skype 3G. I can make calls from Skype over 3G no problem. Your carriers must be blocking it, not the Apple.

GP says:

Skype up on iTunes in California, but" NO Connections" iPhone is on WIFI but Skype status is stuck at “Connecting”. Any Comments or HELP plz!
Found some Help but it will cost you "NO Free Chat" when using: Skype To Go !