Skype updated for iOS 7, improved accessibility

Skype updated for iOS 7, improved accessibility

Skype has been promising some big updates over the next little while, including chat sync, but today they're starting off with a fresh, new, iOS 7-themed makeover for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone that's definitely cleaner, flatter, and more-content centric. They've also improved accessibility, which is fantastic to hear. According to Jonathan Watson on the Skype blog, those improvements include:

  • Improved accessibility of dialpad with touchtype support
  • VoiceOver announces the senders name when messaging
  • VoiceOver improvements for group chats

If you already have Skype for iPhone or iPad, check your auto-refresh or update away, if not, grab it from the App Store now:

Source: Skype blog

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Skype updated for iOS 7, improved accessibility


Real quick Rene, a little correction:

"new, iOS 7-themed makeover for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone"

I assume the second iPhone is supposed to be iPad.

Getting the new XBOX One. So I am wanting to learn more about Skype. Is there a good place to go to learn more besides the official skype homepage. I find 3rd party sites usually have better info.

Does Skype have better video call quality than Facetime? My girlfriend and I use Facetime daily but the quality still does not seem to be that great even with a great wifi source and each having an iphone 5. If she calls me from her Macbook Pro the quality is great.