Smartphone Experts Roundtable 5

SPE Roundtable

Join Dieter, Matthew, Rene, and Kevin as they discuss all of the insanely great new smartphones that have been announced and released in the past month. On the docket:

(Update: links and player fixed.)

Show notes after the break.


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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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m' says:

how old is this? they are talking about the pre before the release date was even decided, must be from april or earlier.

Peta says:

This was the absolute best! Thank you all!

robsua says:

i wanted to know why is it that you think the iphone cannot use Qik (the application that lets you stream live video from your phone) is it att?
thank you.