Smartphone Experts Roundtable Podcast 3

SPE Roundtable

Join Dieter, Matthew, Kevin, Rene, and Casey as they discuss Mobile World Congress 2009 -- there's a little bit for everybody in this gigantic cross-platfrom smartphone podcast!

Show notes after the break.


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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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Reader comments

Smartphone Experts Roundtable Podcast 3


Mucho thanks to Dieter for not only going all the way to Spain to bring back so much goodness for so many of our sibling sites, but for anchoring the podcast and putting up with all of our non-cross-platform n00bness.
Kevin, Casey and Mike are excellent panelists, and equal opportunity offenders, so hopefully we can do this again when next there's big news!

Why is the iPhone off to the side and the Pre in the middle... doesn't it take a proven phone to be in the middle... say a iPhone???

Dieter, i am quite puzzled on how you guys call yourselves "experts", i really don´t know what you were doing in Barcelona...saying Sony Ericsson Idou is running a proprietary OS, and that it should be running WM or android instead??? PLEASE
SE Idou is a SYMBIAN OS will be one of the first phones to run symbian foundation OS, that will replace Nokia´s (and samsung) s60, Sony Ericsson (and Motorola) UIQ and MOAP
Sony Ericsson has been launching (UIQ) symbian smartphones for many years (p800, p900, p910, m600, w950, p990, p1, g700 and g900), with the P800 being one of the first touch screen enabled devices launched. They have ONE windows mobile device. Its perfectly natural for them to launch symbian devices and not WM or Android. They are part of the Symbian Foundation, and donated UIQ as open source to it.
Rant over...want to be called expert, act like that

Like I said on Twitter, everyone, even experts, heads of state, scientists, philosophers, me, and no doubt you mispeak and make mistakes.
What makes TiPb -- or any network or blog -- so powerful and so great is that we're not talking at our audience but with them, so you or any other reader can help us and the community out by catching mistakes and offering corrections, more information, or/and especially rebuttal if you have a different opinion.
Of course, it comes off better when done cooly and with some class, but either way feedback is appreciated.

The symbian/nokia guy mentioned that it is possible to push applications to symbian phones. I'm not quite sure how they would do that, since the vast majority of symbian phones never connect to the internet. iPhones and their ilk have the advantage in that it is part of the way they work that they connect to the internet. Even for symbian phones that do connect to the internet often (ie people who have data plans and/or wifi [not many]), it would take an action on the part of the user to cause a download - there's no way I can see to push anything without the user knowing about it (which was what was suggested). Maybe this is changing with more people getting data plans and newer phones, but IMO a huge percentage of those 100 million will never likely see the Ovi app on their phone.
..unless I'm missed something, or Nokia have some clever trick up their sleeve.

There was mention of Apple's position on Flash. Personally, I hate flash - it breaks too many things on the web - but I find it necessary to view some web sites (as was mentioned). Lack of flash does make Apple's claim of providing a desktop experience on a phone (I forget the exact phrasing) very difficult to swallow. It really is so prevalent now that it's difficult to do without it. This is especially true in some regions, like China for example, where flash is just everywhere.
You may not notice it so much in the USA, but I imagine lack of flash on the iPhone severely restricts its attractiveness in China....that and the lack of MMS. Cut&paste?...not so much (probably not at all, actually).