StyleTap Brings PalmOS to iPhone Jailbreak

PalmOS for iPhone

It's no secret many iPhone users switched over from PalmOS Treo devices (yours truly included!) and now StyleTap has brought a way for you to run all your old PalmOS apps on your Jailbroken iPhone. Says Engadget:

you'll be able to run Palm OS applications (compatible up to version 5.2), with support for native ARM apps, Audio recording and playback, virtual memory cards, and TCP/IP connectivity, amongst other features.

The cost is a not-so-insignificant $49.99 and will only work for as long as you keep your iPhone jailbroken (which means no iPhone 4.0 for you for a while at least!) but if there's just something you gotta blast from your PalmOS past, check it out.

Rene Ritchie

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Mason says:

To be honest, I had the Treo 650, and loved it, than upgraded to the palm centro, and hated it. After the centro, I'll never go back to palm.

Don says:

Wow! now I can run Agendus (as soon as there is a working JB for my new iPhone -- I just had it replaced and the new one is new fw bb)

tyrran says:

On the one hand, that price is pretty damn steep considering you need to run jailbreak in order to enjoy it. On the other, that is a quality emulator with a huge plethora of applications ready for you (and available pretty readily on the internet). The big question I have 50 dollars I don't need anymore?

Alli says:

I can't see spending $50 for a jailbreak app when a jailbreak could go away at any time.

usmc says:

1998 called and said they wanted their operating system back.
Who wants to go backwards?

Dave01568 says:

Great for palm people who switched to iPhone

ermax says:

Hmm.. this is tempting just for running UltraSoft PocketMoney:
iPhone has yet to get a fully integrated check register that syncs with MS Money.. or any personal finance app. The closes you can get is exporting QIF files and then importing them which is a massive pain in the but. The other app that took for ever to replace from the old palm days was a multi car stop watch. When I am at sports car races I like to be able to time multiple cars. MultiTrack StopWatch finally replaced that need. I also miss HandyShopper but Grocery Gadget just about solves that.

Orangensaft says:

Man, I'd love to have webOS running on iPhone hardware. That would be sooooo smooooth :) P.S. maybe not as slick because you'd have to emulate the gesture area. Oh well. Still want it.