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Evernote pushes for better passwords with 1Password integration

Evernote has added 1Password integration to its iOS app in order to encourage people to use stronger passwords.

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1Password for Families lets you manage passwords for your entire clan

AgileBits has introduced 1Password for Families, which lets you manage the passwords for up to five family members for $5 per month.

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1Password brings iCloud sync to all users, puts all of your password vaults in one spot

AgileBits has released 1Password 6.0, the latest iteration of the popular Mac password manager. The app has added iCloud sync support for all users, as well as the ability to view all of your vaults at once.

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1Password picks up 3D Touch support, search improvements, and more

1Password for iPhone and iPad has arrived at version 6.2, adding support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. The app has also seen improvements come to search, and has added the desktop version's Watchtower security alert feature.

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1Password for Teams offers a simple, secure way to share group passwords

AgileBits has announced 1Password for Teams, a new collaboration tool that lets you share secure 1Password vaults with groups of people, be they coworkers, friends, or family.

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1Password moving completely to more secure format for synced data

1Password developer AgileBits has announced that it will soon migrate all users to its more secure data format, OPVault, following concerns over how its AgileKeychain format stores certain pieces of metadata.

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1Password 6 helps you create strong passwords that are easy to type

Popular password manager 1Password has climbed to version 6, adding support for new features in iOS 9, along with a refreshed look and a way to make strong passwords that are still easy to type.

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1Password for iPhone and iPad picks up vault switching and Touch ID improvements

1Password has arrived at version 5.5 with a new and improved method of switching between vaults, improvements to the Apple Watch app, and enhancements to the unlocking process.

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1Password and the XARA WebSocket exploit

The makers of 1Password have gone into detail about how the unauthorized cross-resource attack (XARA), specifically the WebSockets exploit, affects their app

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Best password manager apps for iPhone

Password managers keep all our identities, logins, and credit card information secure.

Strong, unique passwords are necessary nowadays to keep our stuff safe, but humans tend to rebel against having a different password for each account. Password manager apps for iPhone can save your sanity by generating and keeping track of all your passwords in one easy-to-access place. You can also use password managers to store other important data such as secret question answers, credit card numbers, and addresses. If you're ready to ditch your one-site-fits-all easy-to-guess password and take your personal security to the next level, these are the best iPhone apps to help you do just that!

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