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Vector 14: Chris Umiastowski on sell-side analysis

Chris Umiastowski, former sell-side analyst, talks to Rene about the state of the mobile market, including what led BlackBerry to the brink of sale.

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'iMessage Chat' app shows up for Android, isn't pretty, don't trust it

"iMessage Chat" has shown up in the Google Play Store, and it seems to be an actual, working, not-very-pretty iMessage app for Android. Unfortunately, since Apple didn't make it, and there's currently no way to look inside the APK file and see what's happening, it shouldn't be trusted.

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How to transfer data from your old Android phone to a new iPhone

So, you've been living in the Android world for a while and now you're looking to give a new iPhone a go. And why not? The iPhone is now as big and as functional as any Android device while still maintaining the ease of use and high quality apps that made it famous. Changing platforms can not only be a headache but a shock to the system for some. That's where we come in. From start to finish, we can help you get your stuff off your old Android phone and on to your iPhone as painlessly as possible.

Note: Just get a new iPad? The same steps work for tablets!

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Vector 11: Benedict Evans on the value of cheap phones

Strategy analyst Benedict Evans joins Rene to talk about Apple's iPhone 5c pricing, how it compares to low-cost Android and Windows Phone devices, and the relative value of platforms.

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Head of Android design comments on Google violating the iOS interface guidelines

Matias Duarte is a hell of a designer. He helped create webOS and then brought Android into the consistent, coherent 21st century. So, when he shares his thoughts on Google failing to use standard iOS icons in their iOS apps, it's worth a read. From Google+:

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Vector 6: Ben Bajarin on Amazon vs. Apple vs. Google vs. Samsung

Ben Bajarin of Tech.pinions talks to Rene about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung, their differences and similarities not only in business models but in philosophies, and their relative positions both in North America and internationally.

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Android Central 144: The Google - and iOS - event post-show!

Google announced the new Nexus 7, the new multi-platform Chromecast, Android 4.3, and a bunch of other stuff at their just-completed big breakfast event, and I jumped on a podcast with Phil Nickinson, Jerry Hildenbrand, and Alex Dobie of Android Central to talk all about it.

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Overall device shipments to increase 5.9% as smartphone and tablet markets start to shift

Combined worldwide shipments of smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers are set to grow 5.9% this year, almost completely on the strength of tablets and smartphones, both of which are seeing users trend towards less-expensive devices. Shipments of traditional PCs, desktops and notebooks, will continue to decline as those of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, pick up steam.

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Apple vs. Android: The marketshare mentality, and why it's a mistake

Last week posted a really good editorial by John Kirk discussing how much of a joke it is to consider Android the winner in the smartphone space simply because they have the most market share. The very next day, Business Insider tech editor Jay Yarow pubished a post with a headline that read, “Apple Should Be Furious That It Has Such A Tiny Sliver Of The Smartphone Market.” Here's John Gruber’s response at Daring Fireball. And here's my take...

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