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Apple Ipod

Lawyers accuse Apple of deleting songs from iPods in class-action suit

In a $350 million lawsuit over locking users into the iTunes and iPod ecosystem, attorneys for the class-action case accused Apple of deleting music downloaded from an iTunes-rival service in a user's library without notifying the users. For its part, Apple defended its move, stating that it was a security measure and that it didn't want to confuse users.

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Is the iPod a dying product?

If you tuned into the iMore show last night, we covered the Apple Holiday gift guide but when it came to the topic of iPods we found some of them still had a place in the world. Some, like the iPod Touch were easy recommendations while others, like the iPod Classic we had a tough time suggesting.

Looking back on it, it reminds me of a thread I came across the iMore Forums asking a similar question but placing the whole iPod category itself at the center with the question being, is the iPod a dying product?

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Recalled first gen iPods now being replaced with current models from Apple?

It appears as though Apple's iPod nano G1 replacement program is now sending out current model iPod nano's instead of refurbished originals.

Some users initially reported receiving their replacements quickly but the process slowed substantially over the last few weeks and a backlog built up. Now appears as though Apple is using current models to speed up the process.

So,if you're in the replacement program, have you received any word on your iPod yet?

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