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The Belkin Qode Thin Type keyboard for iPad is less than 4mm thick

Belkin has announced that their new Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air, the latest in their line of Qode products. The Thin Type, which is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, comes in at less than 4mm thick, and can act as a cover for your iPad.

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Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air review

The iPad Air can be a productivity powerhouse when paired with a great keyboard case. We've already put several of them head to head and now Belkin's back with another offering, the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case. I had issues with some of the design choices Belkin made with the standard QODE Keyboard Case which I outlined in my review. Let's see if Belkin's top of the line offering fares any better in real world use...

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Belkin connects your home appliances with your iPhone

Belkin makes a variety of peripherals itself - the company makes cases, cables, accessories for mobile devices, laptops and desktops, networking, products for home and office, and much more.

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Best iPad Air keyboard case: Zagg vs. Logitech vs. Belkin!

We've been taking a look at several different keyboard cases, covers, and folios for the iPad Air. Now that we've reviewed them all individually, it's time to put them all head to head and see how each stacks up when it comes to design, duarability, keyboard layout, and more. So follow along and see which keyboard case for iPad Air, if any, reigns supreme!

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QODE Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air review

One of Belkin's newest cases, the QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case, lets you add a full size keyboard to your iPad Air while adding some pretty good protection at the same time. But does it hold up to real world use and are the compromises that Belkin decided to make worth it? That's what we're going to find out...

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Belkin Express Dock lets you charge your iPhone/iPad and keep it in its case

Belkin has introduced the Express Dock for iPad, which aims to make it easy to dock and charge your iPad, even if you use a case. The Express Dock uses a built-in Lightning-to-USB connector and a large base to charge the iPad 4 and iPad mini, as well as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s.

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Belkin WeMo light switch adds a touch of nerd to your existing home lighting

We're already familiar with the Philips Hue set up, a connected, iOS controllable home lighting system. But, what about upping your nerd cred without shelling out hundreds of dollars on WiFi enabled light bulbs? Belkin's WeMo light switch could be just what you're looking for. It connects to WiFi, has an iOS – and Android – app to control things from your smartphone, and works with your regular old light bulbs for a fraction of the price. Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand has given them a try:

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Belkin announces new Thunderstorm speaker dock for iPad 4

Belkin has announced an update to their Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater speaker dock that is compatible with the iPad 4. The dock connects through an integrated Lightning connector, and is supposed to enhance the audio of the iPad. The new new dock features an updated design as well as new audio modes, according to Belkin:

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Belkin Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone 5 review: A stylish and practical addition to your desktop or nightstand

For years, Apple made an official dock to accompany a wealth of their products in the iPod and iPhone line. With the replacement of the 30-pin dock connector in the iPhone 5 with Lightning, many – myself included – would have hoped, perhaps expected a new dock from Apple to go with it. That never happened, and so we must look towards the third-party manufacturers, like Belkin. I recently picked up one of their Charge and Sync Docks, and it's a pretty nice little accessory to have sat on my desk. It's good, but by no means perfect. Let's take a look.

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Belkin ships Thunderbolt Express Dock

Belkin announced Tuesday that it's shipping its Thunderbolt Express Dock, an expansion chassis for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs that provides a Gigabit Ethernet connection, FireWire 800 port, two Thunderbolt ports, three USB 3.0 ports and separate headphone and mic jacks.

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