This year, Belkin has updated a couple of its WeMo smart home products to take advantage of Apple's new software authentication parameters for HomeKit. This means that some WeMo products can be added to a HomeKit setup without the need for an additional hub. Other WeMo products can still be used with HomeKit if you have the WeMo Bridge.

Small Smarts: WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Use this tiny plug to turn any appliance into a smart home accessory. HomeKit compatible, no hub required.

$25 at Amazon

Dim the lights: WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer

The WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch can dim the lights on an automated schedule, in just a few taps of your phone, or with a command of your voice to either Siri or Alexa.

$60 at Amazon

Control the rest: WeMo Bridge

The WeMo Bridge brings HomeKit to the Smart Light Switch and Insight Smart Plug, as well as older devices like the WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor, which are no longer for sale.

$35 at Amazon

Keeping track: WeMo Insight Smart Plug

This smart plug needs the WeMo Bridge in order to connect to HomeKit. Plug in any appliance to add it to your smart home, and use the Insight to track that appliance's use of energy.

$33 at Amazon

Lighting control: WeMo Smart Light Switch

After installation, you can use this smart light switch to control all of the lights in a room, setting schedules and timers. Needs the WeMo Bridge to connect to HomeKit, after which you can control your lights with Siri or the Home app.

$40 at Amazon

WeMo is one of the top brands in smart home appliances, and it's great to see its products coming into the HomeKit ecosystem. If you're just getting started with home automation or smart home control, pick up the WeMo Mini Smart Plug to use with something like a lamp. It's a great way to get started with home automation, and you can easily build out your smart home from there.

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