Which Wemo products support Apple's HomeKit?

Best HomeKit Smart Plugs 2020, Wemo Mini smart plug in a kitchen setting
Best HomeKit Smart Plugs 2020, Wemo Mini smart plug in a kitchen setting (Image credit: Belkin)

The Wemo line is home to some of the best smart plugs for HomeKit and more, but unfortunately, it was a little late getting to the HomeKit party. When it finally arrived, HomeKit required a separate smart bridge and didn't support all Wemo products. Since then, HomeKit is now built into the latest accessories. However, there are still some of those older devices lingering around, which can make things confusing. Don't worry though, we have got it all sorted out with all of the HomeKit compatible Wemo products that you can buy today.

HomeKit compatible Wemo products for almost any need

Wemo is one of the top brands in smart home accessories, and its products are some of the best HomeKit light switches and dimmer switches around. If you're just getting started with home automation or smart home control, pick up the Wemo Smart Plug to use with something like a lamp. It's a great way to get started with home automation, and you can quickly build out your smart home from there.

Are you looking to add Siri and dimming to your home's lighting? Then the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer is the one for you. This slick dimmer switch has a touchpad in the center that allows for dimming controls via a slide of your finger. This switch also has a handy nightlight, making it easy to find in the dark.

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