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iStat Menus 5.1 adds support for new Macs and gives you more control

System monitoring app iStat Menus has hit version 5.1, adding support for some of Apple's recent computers, as well as several new options that let you control exactly how iStat Menus works for you.

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Free Mac color picker Skala Color improves Yosemite support and more

Could you use an easier way of selecting colors to use in upcoming design projects? Download Skala Color 2.0 for the Mac. It's free.

Skala Color 2.0 is the latest Mac software offering from Bjango, makers of iStat Menus. Among the changes in this release is improved support for OS X Yosemite.

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iStat Menu 5 for Mac brings new design, battery shaming, world-clocks and more

Bjango's iStat Menus has long been one of the first apps I set up on a new Macintosh. It provides comprehensive system monitoring tools for the Mac, giving you an eagle's eye view on just about everything that's going on under the hood. Now there's a new version and it's better, more detailed and more comprehensive than ever.

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Skala Color brings awesome, elegant color picker to the Mac

Skala, Bjango's next generation interface design tool for Mac, is still under development but a component of it, Skala Color, has just launched โ€” and it's free for everyone. Skala Color is pretty much everything you want in a color picker.

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iStat Menus gets updated with Mavericks fixes, new Mac support, more

One of my favorite OS X utilites, Bjango's iStat Menus, has been updated with improved Mavericks support, support for new Mac models and other changes.

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Marc Edwards' app design workflow

Don't know how I missed this. Marc Edwards, my co-host on Iterate is not only one of the best designers on the planet, but one of the most generous, and on top of all the articles and scripts he's already shared, he's now gone and posted his entire app design workflow on

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Bjango teases Skala, an interface and icon design tool by and for people who love interface and icon design

Skala is intended to be an interface and design app for and by people who love interface and icon design. That's a tougher job than you might think. There are all sorts of general purpose tools out there that can be used for interface and icon design, Photoshop chief among them. Being general purpose tools, however, they all jack so many different trades, they end up being masters of none. That's why Aperture and Lightroom came about: to better suit the specific needs of photographers. And that's why Skala is on its way: to better suit the specific needs of interface and icon designers.

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Skala View and Skala Preview updated for better, faster on-device app design previewing

Bjango's Skala View for iOS and its companion app, Skala Preview for Mac, have been updated to version 1.5. New Skala View features include the ability to choose which computer to connect to, faster and better networking, tap to refresh, and a variety of other design and functionality tweaks. New Skala Preview features include only the design and performance tweaks, but both pieces of software, both at version 1.5, are required for them to work their magic.

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iStat Menus 4 brings Retina support, new design, and more to the Mac

iStat Menus is the gold standard of system monitoring tools. It's one of the first apps I bought when I switched back to the Mac, and it's one of the first apps I -- and almost every geeky/techy type I know -- installs when they get a new Mac. Originally designed as a Dashboard widget, iStat has since moved to the menu bar, and with iStat Menus 4, it's now completely, comfortably ensconced there with a bold new look and full on Retina support.

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Marc Edwards of Bjango talks iStat 2 for iPhone and iPad

Marc Edwards, the creative mind behind Bjango, spent a few minutes talking to me about re-designing and re-building their signature system monitoring app, iStat from the ground up.

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