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Panic talks Coda removal from Mac App Store, Transmit imbroglio, more

Mac and iOS app developer Panic pulled its Coda software from the Mac App Store last October amidst issues related to Apple's "sandboxing" requirements. Turns out that decision wasn't a bad one for the company, according to a new blog post.

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Panic's Coda 2.5 leaving Mac App Store, staying awesome

Panic's Coda is one of the best all-in-one web editors on the Mac, but when version 2.5 hits, it will no longer be in the Mac App Store. The reason? Sandboxing. Both Panic and Apple tried everything they could to make Coda, a complex development tool, work within the confines of the Mac App Store but it just couldn't come together, at least not in a way that fit the release schedule.

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What's on Rene's Mac dock right now!

Escalation. Costner brings a knife, Connery brings a gun. Wayne dresses in a bat suit, a smiling psycho gets green hair and a purple suit. And I write an article about my iPad Home screen, so Peter goes and posts about his Mac dock. Well, two can play the escalation game. So, here's what's on my Retina MacBook Pro dock right now!

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Iterate 24: Mantia

Marc, Seth, and Rene iterate through the 4-inch, 16:9 iPhone, Coda 2 and Diet Coda, Photoshop masks and text, Windows 8 UX, and Timer, and interrogate Louie Mantia of Pacific Helm. This is Iterate!

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Diet Coda for iPad (and Coda 2 for Mac) coming May 24

I spend a large part of each day in Panic's Coda app for Mac. It's an FTP client, code editor, CSS editor, and previewer -- and more -- all rolled into one. And it's coming to iPad this Thursday as... Diet Coda.

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