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Component Leaks

New, purported photos of iPhone 5S show off possible Apple A7 chipset, more!

Adding to the purported component leaks coming in advance of the iPhone 5s, we may have our first close-up look at Apple's next-generation A7 chipset. The model numbers printed on it may indicate a switch in supplier as well. According to MacRumors:

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Photo shows rear casing of the iPad mini, most likely an earlier prototype

New photo leaks show what could possibly be the rear casing for the upcoming iPad mini that is rumored to make an appearance sometime this fall. The photos show a casing simliar to what we see now on the iPad 2 and the new iPad except for a smaller form factor and a few changes.

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Purported iPhone 5 part leaks show off Apple A6 chipset

The most recent in a slew of part leaks in regards to the iPhone 5 shows two views of logic board including one with the shields removed. The most interesting feature is that you can make out what appears to be an A6 designation.

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More next gen iPhone part leaks show revised Home button and possible NFC chip

Even more next generation iPhone part leaks are copping up that appear to show a revised Home button enclosure that could possibly solve some of the hardware issues iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S owners already encounter. Even more intriguing is the appearance of a new component that could turn out to be an NFC chip.

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iPad mini components reportedly begin to leak, but are they legit?

We've seen tons of part leaks in regards to the next generation iPhone over the last few weeks, but very few when it comes to the iPad mini, and next to nothing about what might be going on inside it. With the iPhone reportedly set for introduction on September 12, and release on September 21, production is likely sufficiently ramped up to make parts leaks more likely. While the iPad mini might also be on track for the same introduction day, we don't know when it will ship yet, so there may simply not be as many parts yet to leak. However, a new part discovered by could give us our very first look at the internals of the iPad mini.

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Rumored iPhone 5 parts show new layout, micro dock

Another supposed part leak from Apple's next generation iPhone 5 has shown up online. The component is listed as a headphone jack/earpiece/Wi-fi antenna. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 parts are grouped a bit differently -- but that's not what we find interesting. If this is indeed a part from the next generation iPhone, I don't think what it's listed as is what we're actually looking at.ย I think it's possible we're looking at Apple's next generation micro dock connector, the one iMore first reported on back in February.

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