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Developer Tools

Hype 2.0 for Mac and Hype Reflect for iOS: HTML5 Interactive design tools come of age!

When Steve Jobs wrote Thoughts on Flash, and predicted a grim end to the then-reigning king of internet interactivity, I agreed with him. And I was working, in part, as a Flash animator at the time, doing dynamic web elements for corporate sites. It was a patch, something that fixed a gap in functionality, but something that, as the gap narrowed, needed to be replaced. Video, at least the DRM-free kind, was easy to see a Flash-free future for. The kind of stuff I was doing, however, the stuff that used timelines and transformations, was harder to see. Then came tools like Hype. And now, Hype 2.0 for Mac and its companion app, Hype Reflect for iOS.

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Dropbox announces new developer tools, Mailbox integration coming soon

Dropbox is currently hosting their inaugural DBX developer conference, and has announced a couple of interesting items already. First up is the new "Dropbox Platform," a suite of tools for developers to utilise to access Dropbox data across different devices and operating systems

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Reveal: A promising runtime inspector for iOS apps

Reveal is a new debugging app by Itty Bitty Apps. It gives you the ability to inspect view elements and hierarchies in your iOS apps in realtime, providing a unique perspective to developers for debugging their apps.

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Resolve App for LighthouseApp lets you track your software support issues on the go

Resolve App by Dragon Forged Software is an iPhone front-end for the popular bug-tracking service LighthouseApp. As such, it requires that you have a LighthouseApp account in order to use it, but once you do, it gives you quick. convenient access to all your issues, right on your iPhone.

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Kaleidoscope 2 for Mac lets you quickly, powerfully find and merge differences in text, code, and images

Kaleidoscope 2 from Black Pixel lets you take code, text, images, and even folders and quickly, clearly see the differences between multiple versions. While that sounds simple in theory, it's not. Making differential data make sense, doing it in a way that's useful and actionable, and packaging it in an app built for people who build apps, well, that requires some serious kung-fu.

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iTunes 8.2 Release = Consumer Crash Log Boom to Developers

When iTunes 8.2 debuted in prerelease form (for developers running the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware), one of the more exciting features from the back-end perspective was crash logs being made available via iTunes Connect.

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