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How to download individual podcast episodes with the Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad

If you follow certain video or audio podcasts regularly, you can use Apple's Podcasts app to do so. For podcasts you listen to or watch on a regular basis, it's typically better to just subscribe to them. If there's ever a time when you want to download a single podcast episode without subscribing, you have the option to easily do so.

Here's how:

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How to watch and listen to podcasts with the iMore app for iPhone

If you are a regular iMore reader, you're probably already aware that we have lots of great podcast content from the iMore show to Debug and many more. Regardless what podcast you listen to or watch, our new iMore 2.0 app gives you the ability to not only listen to, but watch podcasts directly on your iPhone. You can even queue them up for offline listening if you want. This includes all our sister sites too such as AndroidCentral and CrackBerry. All your podcasts, in one app, ready to be enjoyed whenever you'd like.

Follow along and we'll show you how.

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Instacast vs. Downcast vs. Pocket Casts: iPhone podcast app shootout!

Instacast, Downcast, and Pocket Casts all bring podcasts directly to your iPhone and iPod touch, which is one of the best ways to enjoy them when you're in the car, working out, sitting in the office, or simply lounging around the house. While all three allow you to browse and search for podcasts, which one has the best features geared towards the most users?

Let's listen and find out!

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