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ReadKit for Mac keeps your reading together in one fast, stylish place

The Google Reader apocalypse sent many of us scrambling for replacements on both our iOS devices and our Macs. Some of the more popular options, such as Reeder, haven't updated in time for the Mac, or perhaps our new RSS service of choice isn't supported by our most used application. The scramble settled, eventually, and I found myself on Newsblur which then lead me to ReadKit for Mac. ReadKit goes far beyond just RSS, though, it'll pull in most of the popular reading services too. Let's take a look.

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Looking for life after Google Reader? Here's what you need to know!

Google Reader will soon be gone, and anyone who uses it daily β€” like everyone here at Mobile Nations β€” will have to make a decision on how to carry on their RSS love affair. Fortunately, it's no longer the disaster we all feared on first hearing the news, and we're actually left with an ample selection of replacements. Here's everything you need to know.

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Reeder for iPhone updated with Feedbin and local RSS support

In March Google announced that they would be shutting down the popular Reader service come July, and soon after a number of services and apps announced that they would be stepping in to fill the void, or that they were already available to do such. One of our favorite iOS apps for Google Reader, the aptly named Reeder, was one of those apps, pledging to expand the available services from two to more than two.

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