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hardware tour

iPod touch 5 unboxing and hardware tour

Apple's new iPod touch 5 makes the already nearly 2-dimensional iPhone 5 look thick by comparison, but we knew that already. Now that they've finally hit stores in all their multi-colored, looped up glory, we can finally get a good look at everything else.

In addition to Darth Vader black and Storm Trooper White, I picked up an Imperial Guard red and Leanna got a Max Rebo blue.

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iPhone 5 unboxing and hardware hands-on

No unboxed iPhone 5 exits. Or is it, if an iPhone 5 is released and no body unboxes, does it really make a dent in the universe? Whatever. New iPhone. Gadget porn. Deal with wit it.

If you want to see absolutely everything included in the new iPhone 5 box, including the old AC adapter, new Lightning cable, old SIM-card tool for the new nan-SIM tray, a short how-to guide and some interesting EarBuds -- and of course the sleek, sexy Vader-black, aluminum and glass iPhone 5 itself, hit the video above and enjoy!

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