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Apple facing challenges with new mothership headquarters

Apple has run into some problems building its new “mothership” headquarters building, with both costs and construction requirements causing delays. It had already been reported that the opening of the campus had been delayed until 2016, but now we have a better idea as to why.

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Apple’s new futuristic headquarters facing delay, new completion date set for 2016

Apple has said that its high spec futuristic new headquarters will not be completed now until mid-2016 due to planning changes. The new timetable was presented to the city of Cupertino earlier this month according to a report by Bloomberg.

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Cupertino posts rendering, plans for Apple's new "mothership"

Cupertino.org has posted a bunch of PDF files pertaining to Apple's very Pixar-flying-saucer-esque new headquarters, planned for the old HP lot they acquired. The building, formed like a giant ring with apricot orchards, massive underground parking, and room for 20,000 employees, will make use of the same kind of leading edge design and manufacturing Apple has used for everything from their products to their Apple Stores, especially in constructing those huge, rounded glass panels.

It also looks like it might be able to detach and break earth orbit if our world ever becomes too aesthetically displeasing to Apple.

If you haven't already, watch the (http://cupertino.org/) via @havvac]

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