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Monitor your blood glucose level with One Drop

The One Drop blood glucose monitoring kit comes with a blood glucose meter, lancing device, test strips, and a vegan leather carrying case. It's easily the sleekest blood glucose monitor we've ever seen.

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Health App: The Ultimate Guide

Take control of the Health app on your iPhone in iOS 10.

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You'll be able to sign up as an organ donor with iOS 10

Apple will be adding an option to allow people to sign up for organ donation through the Health app in iOS 10.

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Apple makes its latest health hire from Sage Bionetworks

Apple has hired Dr. Stephen Friend, outgoing president of Sage Bionetworks, to work on health-related projects for the company.

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How to upgrade to an iPhone 6s without losing your Health data

You don't really have to restore an old iPhone backup when activating your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus—iCloud takes care of syncing a lot of your data these days. That said, there are still a few reasons to make a backup and restore your new 6s from said backup—and your health data is high on that list.

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How to lock the Apple Watch's screen during a workout

If you play a sport or enjoy an activity that involves sweat and/or some sort of object brushing up against the screen of the Apple Watch, chances are you've accidentally ended a calculated workout too soon. It's annoying, and thankfully there's an easy way to prevent it: Locking the Apple Watch's screen so that nothing but a Force Press will wake it from slumber. Here's how.

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How the Apple Watch helped shorten one heart patient's hospital stay

The Apple Watch proved to be a critical component of getting a heart patient the care he needed while keeping him in the hospital no longer than absolutely necessary.

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How to reorder data in the Health app for iPhone

The Health app for iPhone lets you track steps, distance, vitals, and other data that's important to you.

The main Dashboard in the Health app lets you get a quick look at sets of data without having to dig into any menus. If there's data you don't want in the Dashboard at all, you can easily remove it. However, if you just want to reorganize the order that data shows up, you can do that too!

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How to control what data you see in Health for iPhone

The Health app for iPhone lets you customize what kind of stats and data you want to see at a quick glance.

You can collect all kinds of data inside the Health app but if some of it is more important to you than the rest, you'll want to make sure that's what you see on your Dashboard, which functions as the main view in Health. You can also remove stats that you don't care about from the Dashboard altogether. Here's how!

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How to let App Store apps access the Health app for iPhone

Apple's Health app for iPhone can track all kinds of fitness and medical related data, and from a variety of apps.

To allow Health to collect the data from App Store apps, however, you'll need to grant those apps permission to read and/or write to Health. That way, Health can keep your information absolutely private and in silos if that's what you want, but it can also act as a central repository and exchange for all your data. So, if you switch between fitness trackers, smartwatches, or apps, you don't have to start over from scratch each time. All your data goes with you.

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