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FTC reportedly wants privacy guarantee for collected Health app data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reportedly asked Apple to protect sensitive health data collected in the company's Health app on iPhones. According to reports, the FTC wants assurances that Apple won't share health data without the consent of owners.

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Nike+ Running update adds elevation tracking, Health app integration

Nike has updated its Nike+ Running app with more features to help you better track your runs. The app, now in version 4.6, adds elevation tracking, Health app integration, an updated home screen experience, and enhanced heart rate support for Wahoo's Tickr products. The app is also optimized for the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Carrot Fit's quips whip you into shape with iOS 8's Health integration

Carrot Fit is one of the latest fitness trackers that integrates with iOS 8.0.2 and Apple's HealthKit. Carrot is an unorthodox fitness coach that has its own humor-injected artificial intelligence that tries to motivate you with hilarious phrases to help you achieve your own fitness goals. Through inspiration, threats, ridicule, and bribery, nothing appears to be off limits as Carrot tries to get you more active.

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Apple's HealthKit program is now being tested at two US university hospitals

We are starting to get a better look at how Apple's HealthKit will work thanks to a couple of trials being run at two U.S. hospitals. The trials are meant to improve the accuracy and speed at which HealthKit records data.

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Health in iOS 8: Explained

Health is the name for a new, built-in Apple app coming with iOS 8. It serves as both a repository for all the health-related data accumulated by your iPhone, your apps, and your accessories, and a dashboard to help you make better, more visual sense of it — a front-end for your quantified life. To facilitate all this, Apple is providing the HealthKit framework to developers and manufacturers. But how does it all work?

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NSFW: Apple, iOS 8 Health, and the Gordian Knot of healthcare bureaucracy

This year I've spent a lot of time in doctor's offices and I see what a giant mess the electronic health records (EHR) industry really is. And I don't think Apple's going to solve the problems facing the American healthcare industry. Apple's telling us that iOS 8's Health feature will give us a way of sharing important diagnostic information with our doctors. But it's predicated on a huge assumption: That our medical providers are affiliated with an institution that's willing to buy in to this particular data stream.

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Apple reveals to FDA it has a moral obligation to enter the wearables market

Apple's conversation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows how medicine, technology, and regulation could work together to help users and doctors monitor patient health in a world of connected sensors. As healthcare becomes more connected with apps and wearable devices gain ground, Apple Toolbox's Freedom of Information Act inquiry yielded some interesting talking points on what Apple and the FDA have been talking about when the two sides met on December 13th.

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Withings Bluetooth-equipped Blood Pressure Monitor now available

Looking to stay healthy using your iPhone? Then you might want to check out this new wireless blood pressure monitor from Withings. This is a new version of a previous award-winning blood pressure monitor made by the company. Dropping the need for a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter is probably the biggest change for you. Now it works wirelessly over your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled iPhone.

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Fund This: Tao WellShell connected exercise device

The Tao WellShell is a simple Bluetooth-connected gadget that hit Kickstarter recently which detects how hard it’s being compressed. Based on exercise regimens displayed on your iPhone and iPad through their app, you can get in simple, effective reps just about anywhere. A lot of these exercises involve squeezing the WellShell between your hands, but there are many where you can squeeze it between your knees as well.

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iOS 8 codenamed Okemo, may include HealthBook, focus on fitness, tie iPhone 6 to iWatch

iOS 8, which should be shown off this summer and ship later this fall, is codenamed Okemo, and one of the tentpole features could be HealthBook, a new app that will monitor your fitness activity and health information from the iPhone 6 and iWatch as centrally and easily as Passbook currently collects your tickets and cards. Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac:

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