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Iphone Photography

Ten tips for taking great iPhone photos

Here are ten great tips for making the most of your iPhone photography.

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Best photo editing apps for iPhone

Why settle for mundane or slightly boring pics when you can spruce them up and make them shine with photo editing?

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How to take great pictures of your pets with your iPhone

You don't need your pet to pose on command with these great iPhone camera tips and tricks.

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Chief White House photographer shows off photos taken with iPhone

The White House's Chief Photographer, Pete Souza, has taken to a blog post on the official White House Medium page to share a collection of behind-the-scenes photos he shot on his iPhone over the course of 2015.

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The MeFoto RoadTrip tripod takes your iPhone photography to the next level

MeFOTO makes an entire array of colorful tripods equipped to tackle any terrain you may need to travel. The MeFOTO RoadTrip tripod is a nice compromise in weight and size and also converts into a monopod — or selfie stick for those who are into that kind of thing. By itself, it's capable of holding mid-size to smaller full frame DSLR cameras. Add the SideKick360 attachment, and you've got yourself a tripod setup that works great with your iPhone, too!

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World-class photography app ProShot launches on iPhone

ProShot is a newly released photography app for the iPhone and iPad on iOS 8. ProShot has been steadily updated on Microsoft's mobile platform since 2012 and the same advanced experience has been ported to Apple's ecosystem.

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For iPhone photographers, how will the new Google+ stack up against the rest?

A few weeks ago, Google held a press event focused around the Google+ social platform, unveiling a ton of new features and improvements. One of the big focuses was photos, backup, sharing and editing in particular, along with background sync and full-resolution uploads for the iOS application. So, potentially some big tools for iPhone photographers, but its a crowded space. Some folks might be happy enough with Photo Stream, but we're looking outside the Apple ecosystem here and considering more cross-platform solutions.

So, how well will the new Google+ stack up with your photos against three of the biggest competitors? Lets find out.

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Olloclip brings telephoto lens to iPhone and iPod touch

Olloclip's 3-In-One lens system has won rave reviews from iPhone-wielding photographers. That kit includes fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses, and Olloclip has just introduced a companion telephoto lens that helps you get crisp, clear closeups like never before.

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MapQuest Travel Blogs for iPhone and iPad review

MapQuest Travel Blogs for iPhone and iPad is a great way to plot out your trip and then share it with your friends and family.

While Photo Stream and apps like Albumatic are easy ways to share photos with friends and family, they still leave something to be desired. If you go on a trip or vacation, you probably have things to say about your photos. Unless you leave a comment on your own photo, there's not much else you can do. That isn't the case with MapQuest Travel Blogs for iPhone and iPad.

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Guardian photographer captures the 2012 Olympics with his iPhone 4S

Guardian sports photographer Dan Chung is in London covering the 2012 Olympic games. To photograph them he is using nothing but his iPhone 4S, a pair of binoculars, and Snapseed.

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