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Messages Tips

How to send iMessages on IPhone or iPad

iMessage lets you send text, photo, video, and sound messages — and more!

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How to send your location with Apple Watch

Help your friends find you by sending your location to them via Messages!

Meeting your friends somewhere and can't dictate the address perfectly? You can use your Apple Watch's "Send Location" feature to give them easy directions to your whereabouts.

This works especially well for locations that don't necessarily have perfect addresses — say, a spot along the beach, or a certain store in an outdoor mall.

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How to send someone your heartbeat with Apple Watch

Share an intimate moment with a close friend or family member by sending them your heartbeat using Apple Watch and Messages.

Your Apple Watch can read and record your heartbeat for health and fitness purposes, but it can also send that heartbeat in haptic vibration form to another Apple Watch wearer — if you'd like it to. Here's how to go about doing it.

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How to send a message with Siri on Apple Watch

Want to dash a quick message off to your friends? Use Siri on your Apple Watch to get the job done.

When you're on the go and want to quickly reply or initiate a conversation to a friend, family member, or passing contact, you can use Siri on your Apple Watch to take care of it all.

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How to send audio notes with Apple Watch

Make someone's day a little brighter by sending them an audio message using your Apple Watch.

Text messages and emoji are both great ways to communicate, but sometimes the human voice triumphs over all. Whether you want to send a birthday song or have a bunch of family members say "Hi!" to a far-away relative, here's how to quickly send an audio message with your Apple Watch.

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How to quickly save multiple pictures and videos in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Saving pictures and videos in the Messages app for iPhone and iPad doesn't have to take forever.

If someone sends you multiple photos and videos and you'd like to save them, there's no need to do it individually. Thanks to the Messages app, you can save multiple pictures or videos to the Photos app all in one go!

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How to set up and use SMS/MMS relay to send and receive texts on your iPad

With SMS/MMS relay you can send and receive "green bubble" text and multimedia messages on your iPad as easily as on your iPhone!

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How to setup and use SMS/MMS relay to send and receive texts on your Mac

Did you know you can use Messages for macOS to receive your iPhone's SMS text messages, in addition to iMessage? Here's how you do it.

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How to setup and use text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Tired of typing out long words, names, email addresses, web addresses, or entire sentences over and over again? Well then, save yourself some time and effort and set up iOS keyboard shortcuts for any and all of the text you type regularly. By default, the iPhone and iPad ship with "omw" as a shortcut for "On my way!" but you can create and customize any shortcut you want. What's more, thanks to iCloud, any shortcut you create will automagically sync between your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac. Here's how!

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How to create and share animated GIFs right from your iPhone

Animated GIFs are an entertaining way to share short clips via text and social networks. Most GIFs contain funny clips that are looped and annotated. If you've ever wondered whether or not you can make your own GIFs right from your iPhone, wonder no more — the answer is YES!

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