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Sunset will reach Sunrise Calendar on August 31 as focus shifts to Outlook

The current Sunrise Calendar app will be removed from the iOS App Store in a few more days, and will stop working on installed devices after August 31. This is due to the Sunrise team being acquired by Microsoft to work on the Outlook mobile app.

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Outlook on iPhone and iPad adds Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist support for calendar events

Microsoft is rolling out an update to its Outlook app on the iPhone and iPad that adds support for third-party Calendar Apps. The first such apps add content from Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist to an Outlook calendar.

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Microsoft adds Touch ID support to Outlook to keep your emails secure

Microsoft has rolled out an update to Outlook for iPhone and iPad, implementing support for Touch ID. The company aims to help keep sensitive information secure, be it credentials, banking information or simply personal media you wish to remain private.

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Microsoft will offer an Outlook 2016 preview program for Mac users

Microsoft has announced that Mac users may be able to participate in an upcoming preview program for the company's Outlook client. Users will have to take a short survey to see if they qualify to enter the preview program.

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Outlook for iPhone and iPad adds Skype integration

Microsoft has released an update to its Outlook email client for iPhone and iPad users. The biggest new feature is that users can turn any meeting into a Skype call when creating or editing an event.

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Outlook for iPhone adds 3D Touch support for composing emails right from the launcher

Microsoft has pushed out a new update for its Outlook email client for the iPhone, adding in support for 3D Touch actions on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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Outlook for iPhone and iPad rolls out a new look based on Sunrise

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Outlook email and calendar app for the iPhone and iPad. It incorporates several design features from the Sunrise app that Microsoft acquires several months ago. Microsoft says the stand-alone Sunrise app itself will be discontinued at some point.

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Microsoft releases Outlook Groups for iOS to help you engage with your team

Microsoft has released Outlook Groups for iOS. The official app from the company enables you to communicate and engage with your team, participating in group discussions and more.

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Outlook iPhone and iPad users can now open Office attachments in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft is adding new integration features in its Outlook app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to open Office documents sent as attachments directly in their respective iOS apps, along with other new additions.

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Microsoft updates Outlook for iOS with support for the Apple Watch

Microsoft has released an update for the company's Outlook app on iOS. Redmond has implemented Apple Watch support, meaning you'll now be able to check out the latest emails in your inbox without reaching for your smartphone.

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