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Three ways to get great audio while filming on your iPhone

It's easy to take and edit quick videos on the iPhone, but getting great audio isn't always as simple as pointing and shooting.

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How to use Photos for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

If your iPhone or iPad is the best camera you have with you, then the Photos app is your best camera's best friend!

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How to add pictures to the Photo app for Apple Watch

Do you wish you could show off your vacation photos to your coworkers without having to run back to get your iPhone. Do it from your Apple Watch. We show you how.

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How to add a Time-lapse or Photo face to your Apple Watch

Apple Watch lets you customize your watch face. With the Time-lapse watch face, you can travel around the world for a few seconds. The Photos watch face lets you personalize your Apple Watch look. We show you how.

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Comics: Simplicity Isn't Everything

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Simplicity Isn't Everything

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How to transfer your iPhone and iPad photos to Windows 10

Trying to load up your Windows 10 computer with pictures from your iPhone or iPad? Here are some super-easy instructions to make sure your memories are kept safe.

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How to delete multiple photos and videos at once in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Pictures and videos stored in the Messages app can take up lots of storage space on your iPhone and iPad.

If you've already saved a lot of them, there's little reason to keep them hanging around in the Messages app. Deleting them all one by one would be a daunting and tedious task. Instead, you can delete multiple images or videos at once in the Messages app. You've just got to know where to look!

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How to view all photos in the Collections and Years sections of Photos for iPhone and iPad

By default the collections and years views in the Photos app don't show all your photos — but you can change that.

If you use the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad to sort, organize, and find your photos, there are lots of ways you can make that task easier. While one is simply using the search feature, another is by adjust exactly what the Photos tab shows under the Collections and Years views. By default you only see a summary of photos that iOS picks at random. If you'd rather see all your photos in these views, you just have to change a setting!

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How to search pictures and videos in Photos for iPhone and iPad

If you have thousands of photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad, finding a particular one can be a challenge.

Luckily, the built-in Photos app offers some incredibly useful search tools. As long as you can remember where or when a photo or video was taken, the Photos app can help narrow down your search quickly. And if you've tagged Faces in Photos for OS X, you can even search for people, too! As long as you remember something about the picture or video in question, odds are the Photos app can help you track it down.

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How to delete, recover, and eradicate pictures and videos in Photos for OS X

Photos for OS X lets you quickly and easily delete pictures and videos from both your Mac and the cloud.

Whether you're trying to free up storage, battling duplicates, eliminating personal photos no one else ever needs to see, or just cutting out the bad shots, Photos for OS X makes it easy to delete single or multiple pictures or videos. If you're using iCloud Photo Library, anything you delete on your Mac will also be deleted on all your other iCloud Photo Library-enabled devices, including your iPhone and/or iPad. Deleted pictures and videos can be recovered for up to 30 days, however, or can be deleted immediately and forever. Here's how!

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