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Photos for OS X FAQ: What you need to know!

Our long national iCloud photo-syncing nightmare is over: Photos for OS X, Yosemite's official successor to iPhoto, is now available with OS X 10.10.3. What's changed from iPhoto? What's stayed the same? Read on. You can also check out our super in-depth Photos for OS X Ultimate Guide and iCloud Photo Library Ultimate Guide for more information, how-tos, and walkthroughs.

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How to access iCloud Photo Library on the web

iCloud Photo Library lets you easily access all your pictures and videos from anywhere, including the web.

Sure, the Photos apps for iOS and OS X are fast, convenient, and pack a lot of features, but there might come a time when you don't have either available to you. That's when iCloud Photo Library being part of iCloud really comes in handy — because you can access everything you have online straight from any web browser you have available to you. All you need is a connection, your Apple ID, and

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iPhoto for Mac update prepares for transition to the new Photos app

iPhoto for Mac nabbed an update today that fixes a couple of bugs and, more importantly, sets the stage for an easier transition to the Photos app coming later this spring.

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How would you change Apple's Photos app?

Photos was one of the apps that not only drove people to buy the original iPhone, but helped them show off why they bought it. Yes, Mike Matas and team had us at pinch-to-zoom. Over the years, Apple introduced video, integrated with additional services like Flickr, and added basic editing tools and filters. The biggest improvements, however, came with iOS 7 — and a whole new Photos app. It offered all an all-new organizational model, based on Years, Collections, and Moments, much better, non-destructive editing tools, and integration with iCloud Photo Library, which promised better storage and sync for all photos and videos. In other words, along with Photos for Mac, Apple has made it a core part of their operating systems.

But that was then and this is now. So, what would you like to see Apple do with Photos next?

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Apple confirms Aperture for Mac won't be available after Photos is released

Apple has now confirmed that its current Aperture app for the Mac won't be available to purchase once the new Photos app is released to the public sometime later this spring. The Photos app was made available for OS 10.10.3 testers and developers last week.

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New UXKit developer framework identified in Photos for Mac

Apple released 10.10.3 to developers today, offering up the first release of Photos for Mac, the long-awaited replacement for iPhoto. It's not available publicly yet — only to registered developers and others with access to Apple's development builds of OS X Yosemite, at this hour. But something's caught the eye of developers who have downloaded it.

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How to save high-resolution versions of your Instagram photos

Once you've posted a photo using Instagram, the incredibly popular social photo network, it's locked into its tiny filtered form. Instagram doesn't even let you download it after the fact — you need to screenshot it or resort to a third-part ripper, even for your own photos. What Instagram does let you do, however, is set it to save a high resolution "2048x2048" version of your final, filtered photo to your camera roll as you post it. (I put the resolution in quotes because it really seems to vary, sometimes a bit lower, sometimes higher.) To save those original photos, all you have to do is enable the feature.

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iOS Help: I accidentally deleted a photo off my iPhone, how can I get it back?

This how-to is part of our iOS Help feature, where every week I try and help you fix the problems you're having with your iPhones and iPads. If you have a question or need help with something iOS related that you just can't figure out, I encourage you to drop a question in our iMore forums, no registration required!

This week's question comes to us from Sascha:

Hello. I was trying to free up some space on my iPhone and so I deleted a bunch of photos but I accidentally deleted a photo that I shouldn't have. Do you have any idea how to get it back?

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How to disable notifications for shared Photo Streams

iCloud Photo Sharing is a great way to share photos with friends and family who also use iPhones and iPads. However, the more shared Photo Streams you are a part of, the more notifications you will receive. That means each and every time someone adds photos, you'll be notified. If at some point you find you're getting too many notifications, you can easily disable them on a stream by stream basis, or stop notifications from the Photos app completely.

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How to use smart adjustments in Photos for iPhone and iPad

Smart adjustments let you quickly adjust or enhance your photos!

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