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How to organize photos and videos into albums on your iPhone or iPad

Get your photos and videos organized into albums, so that you're not constantly searching through your entire library!

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How to share videos on your iPhone or iPad

The Photos app doesn't just let you easily share pictures, it lets you easily share videos as well. You get the same built-in options like Mail, and iCloud, along with social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo as well. And all it takes is just a few taps!

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How to rotate photos on your iPhone or iPad

The Photos app lets you do all sorts of basic, useful things with the pictures on your iPhone and iPad, including rotating them 90 degrees at a time. It's especially useful when the Camera app misbehaves and one of your photos ends up coming out sideways, but it can also be a fun way to turn things around, and even upside down. Best of all, the built-in Photos app makes it easy to do!

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How to trim videos in Photos for iPhone an iPad

Quickly trim up your videos with Photos!

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How to apply filters and remove redeye in Photos for iPhone and iPad

Add filters to your photos and get rid of that demonic redeye with the Photos app!

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What to do about Aperture: Weighing the options

With Aperture on the way out, what should you do with your digital photography workflow?

Last week Apple announced plans to nix both iPhoto and Aperture in favor of a new application called Photos, which we saw briefly on stage at WWDC in June. That announcement has created a lot of uncertainty for Aperture users, who wonder what they should do about their digital photography workflow. Let's look at the options.

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Apple kicks Aperture (and iPhoto) to the curb; are we ready for Photos?

Apple's plan to kill Aperture (and iPhoto) for Photos will cost it goodwill with Mac-using photography pros

During the WWDC 2014 keynote presentation Apple showed off a new app for OS X Yosemite currently in development called Photos. It won't be out until 2015, but it looks like it's going to replace both iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac. This promises to be a good thing for consumers, but where does this leave professional and prosumer photographers on the Mac?

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Stories and photo filters land on Google+ update

Google has just published an update to the Google+ app on iOS that brings a better photos and sharing experience. New to the Google+ app are features that include Stories and photo filters, features that were recently made available on the Android app update.

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Photos in iOS 8 adds smart suggestions, location matching and new editing tools

As Apple is blazing through the iOS 8 announcements at WWDC 2014, and the latest is a big set of changes to Photos. With the latest version of Photos, all of your pictures and videos are instantly synced across your devices via your iCloud storage. The cross-device syncing extends into editing, including all of the new tools that are coming to the Photos app on iOS.

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Apple unveils new Photos app for Mac

Apple has taken the wraps off a new Photos app for Mac at today's WWDC keynote event. Introduced on-stage by Craig Federighi, the new app is built with iCloud in mind, with a new look to fit with the OS X Yosemite visual style and "buttery smooth" scrolling.

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