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The iPad Pro Experiment: The Pencil arrives, and it's going to change my life

Day four of Serenity using the iPad Pro as her primary computer is here. Read on about how much podcasting on iOS stinks, and how the Pencil is going to change your life.

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How Jason Snell podcasts

Jason Snell creates wonderful podcasts on popular culture for The Incomparable and technology for relay.fm. He's not only great at what he does, he's generous in sharing how he does it.

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Logic Pro X review: Great for podcasters, great period

Logic Pro X is the latest in a line of re-imagined software from Apple, something they started doing years ago with their video apps, iMovie and later, Final Cut Pro X. This new, more mainstream-friendly direction hasn't been without controversy, especially among professionals. So what does it means for Logic Pro users - and potential Logic Pro users - in general, and for podcasting in particular?

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iMore show 353: Mass, Mars, and Mavericks

Daniel Jalkut of MarsEdit, Core Intuition, and Bitsplitting joins Rene and Peter to talk about WWDC and the Mac, Mavericks, native vs. web apps, podcast workflows, Instagram Videos, and more!

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Mobile Nations on iTunes, Mobile Nations Enterprise launches tomorrow!

We've launched the Mobile Nations network brand, we've launched great new shows like Girls Gone Gadgets and Stock Talk, and while you'd think we'd be happy enough now to take some time off for holiday cheer, we figured we'd throw out just a few more things to celebrate in 2011.

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