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How to use Podcasts with Siri

Siri isn’t able to do a whole lot with the Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad right now, but she can help you play/pause them and can help search for them if your hands are tied up (most of the time, anyway).

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Podcasts app: The ultimate guide

How do you download and play your favorite shows with Apple's built-in Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad? We'll show you!

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Apple reportedly held a 'summit' to gather feedback from podcasters

Apple reportedly held a summit with a small group of podcast providers in order to hear concerns over Apple's treatment of the medium.

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Apple launches Podcasts Connect to help podcasters manage their shows

Apple has launched Podcasts Connect, a new tool to help with podcast uploading and management.

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How to use the Podcast app on the new Apple TV

Once you update tvOS to version 9.1.1, you can listen to your favorite podcasts on Apple TV with the built-in Podcast app. Here's how to use it.

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How to send podcasts to the new Apple TV

The tvOS 9.1.1 update adds the Podcasts app to the fourth-generation Apple TV, but if you can't get the podcast you want on your TV, here are some alternate options for you.

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tvOS 9.1.1 brings the Podcast app to the Apple TV

Apple has released tvOS 9.1.1, which brings the company's Podcast app to the new Apple TV.

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Apple celebrates #10YearsOfPodcasts on iTunes

Apple is celebrating #10YearsOfPodcasts this week with a special section in iTunes devoted to just that: 10 years of podcasts. While podcasts might seem ubiquitous now, back then they were nowhere nearly as well known.

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How to get your Android music onto iPhone

More people than ever are switching to iPhone, or are seriously considering making the move, and one of the things you'll want to bring with you is any music or audio you've been listening to on your old Android phone. Apple has been providing the best audio frameworks in the industry for years, and as such you'll find tons of great apps that utilize it within the App Store — including Google's! — to make switching your music and audio to a new device incredibly easy. Here's what works best!

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Most popular podcasts of 2014

I produced a lot of podcasts last year. Probably over 200 shows spanning 300 or more hours. We don't post all of them here at iMore anymore, but for much of the year they did, and they all embody the spirit we try to bring to iMore — that all this technology is by and for people, and it's the people that really matter. Out of all of those shows, I could never pick any favorites. Every time I'd try, I'd be reminded of another, and another, and find myself in an endless loop. So, I figured I'd see which ones appealed to you, our listeners, the most. According to the download numbers, and recognizing that's just one metric, here are our most popular podcasts of 2014.

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