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Private Api

Regarding Apple's use of private API in iBooks

Marco Arment raised a flag on the iPad App Store field today and called foul over Apple using private APIs in their first-party iBooks app.

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Apple Removing Wi-Fi Scanning Apps from App Store

Cult of Mac reports that Apple has begun removing apps from the iTunes App Store that scan for Wi-Fi access points. It looks like these apps are being removed due to their use of private APIs, which is prohibited by the iPhone SDK agreement. This would make it similar to the recent removal of apps that misused the iPhone camera DCIM folder to store and exchange documents.

There's been some suggestion, however, that list reflects a policy change from Apple closer to the recent removal of sex-based apps.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #76 -- Game On!

Join Rene, Chad, and's Keith Newman for Apple gaming, profit share, OnLive, private API, Facebook fallout, Verizon attack ads and AT&T strikes back, gPhone cometh, Palm Pixi, and all the news, plus your questions answered! Listen in!

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Three20 Framework and More on App Store Screening for Private APIs

A little while ago we posted about Apple's new use of a static analysis tool to find private API calls and reject the apps that make them. Rather than Storm8 or Unity this time, however, it's former Facebook developer Joe Hewitt's pioneering Three20 framework that's getting caught.

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Apple Using Static Analysis Tool to Find Private APIs, Reject Apps

Speaking of Storm8, Unity-engine code, private API, and Gruber, A recent Twitter exchange between him shows just how seriously all of this is now being taken by the App Store:

Hockenberry: Hearing lots of reports about apps getting rejected due to private API usage. Maybe now you'll believe me when I say it's a bad ideaโ€ฆ

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iPhone Game Developer Storm8 Responds to Privacy Complaints

Following our posts last week concerning the lawsuit against iPhone game developer Storm8 that alleged they used private API's to violate user privacy by collecting their phone numbers, the developer, Storm8, contacted TiPb with their side of the story:

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Apple Rejects/Removes Unity-built Games to Protect User Privacy

It looks like Apple is using its rejection power for good this time -- removing games built on the Unity engine which included private-API calls that could be used to steal private user information like your iPhone's phone number.

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State of the Apps: iFart 10K Earn Rate, Private API Debate, Approval Delay Hate

No sooner did Apple flip the switch on Pull My Finger but 14 fart-themed apps have hit the App Store and according to Macrumors, leader of the app pack, iFart Mobile, generated $9198 in one day. I need to quit this blog and go make iDoody, or something (don't tell Dieter!).

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