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Readdle is having a huge 5th anniversary sale

Readdle is celebrating their 5th birthday, and to celebrate, they're having a huge sale on all their apps beginning today! The sale is only for 48 hours, but the sales are good (up to 70%). Because we know how much you love highly discounted apps, we've gathered up some of Readdle's best apps for you!

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App Giveaway: ReaddleDocs for iPad

ReadleDocs, the popular document editor for iPad, has been updated to 3.0 and includes many improvements such as in-document search, a 'Recents' section, completely redesigned UI, ability to view .odt files, and more.

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Readdle apps on sale!

In celebration of their 4th birthday, Readdle is having a two day, 30%-off sale on all of their apps! Here's a few of their popular ones:

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iPad gets productive with Bento, GoodReader, Readledocs

Don't let the plethora of iPad games fool you, productivity apps aren't sitting this launch out, with everyone from Bento, to GoodReader, to Readledocs getting in on the action.

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App Review: ReaddleDocs for iPhone

ReaddleDocs Forum Review by msbaylor. (Visit the thread for video and more pics. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!)

ReaddleDocs is a document viewer that basically covers all the ways of getting the document onto you iPhone โ€“ so there is no way that you cannot have your documents on hand.

When you purchase ReaddleDocs, you also receive 512MB of storage space on their server. This allows you to upload any documents to the server via any browser and then sync them with you iPhone via any data connection (EDGE/3G/WIFI).

When you tap on the โ€œOnlineโ€ tab, you select the server you want to connect to and then you have the ability to sync with the server so that any new documents that you have retrieved via the iPhone will backup to your server and vice versa.

Besides using your Readdle Storage space, you can also connect to your MobileMe iDisk or connect to a WebDAV enabled server.

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