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Google study: over half of teenagers use voice search daily

Searching on a smartphone just by using your voice is a feature that is still in its infancy, and it's not exactly a shock to learn that teens are using and embracing it more than their elders. This is one of the many findings about voice search in a new survey commissioned by Google.

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iOS claims 65% of mobile web, Android 20%

iOS users are the most active on the web, claiming 65.27% of the total market share compared to Android, in distant second with 19.73%, and Java ME further behind still with 10.22%. BlackBerry trailed with 1.87%, though even a year ago it was only around 3%. Google still rocks the mobile search engine chart, accounting for 91% of all searches from a tablet or smartphone. Out of all web traffic monitored, mobile account for 8.2% of activity, which is up from around 6% last year. All of this, according to metrics company NetMarketShare's most recent web analytics survey.

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App loyalty on the rise, iOS users more decicated than Android

Localytics gathered data from app users across Android and iOS during Q3 2011, and found that 23% of Android owners use an app more than 11 times, while 35% of iPhone and iPad users do the same. At the other end of the spectrum, iOS users are only slightly more fickle than those on Android: 24% versus 21% used an app only once before ditching it.

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iPhone has generated over $150 billion in revenue since launch

trategy Analytics has crunched some numbers, and apparently since the original iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has generated $150 billion in revenue from their smartphone lineup. Of course, Apple's revenue growth is bigger than ever, but it's crazy to see how their cumulative sales add up.

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Apple's relative sales volume, revenue, and profit share visualized and compared to last year

Recent research of the global app ecosystem broke down how the landscape has changed in the last year, and as you might expect, Apple turns out pretty well. The survey encompassed the responses of 1,500 developers across 83 countries and 7 mobile platforms (each one with at least 50 developers responding).

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iOS App Store generates more than double Google Play's revenue with fewer app downloads

Analytics firm App Annie has recently published a fun little infographic called Game of Phones, which pits Android app ecosystem against Apple's. One of the key findings was that the App Store leads with a revenue share of 71% (compared to 29% for Android) even though total downloads through Google Play accounts for 35% of the total, versus 28% for iOS.

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15% of survey respondents pick weekend with iPhone over sex

Used electronics reseller Gazelle recently published the result of a survey of some 1,000 smartphone-toting customers. 65% picked iPhone as something they couldn't live without, compared to the 1% that said Facebook. 15% went so far as to say that they would sooner give up sex than go a full weekend without their iPhone.

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Apple and Samsung collectively enjoy 90% of smartphone market profits, 55% market share

ABI Research recently published the results of their survey of the smartphone market in Q1 2012, and found that Samsung and Apple together claim a little more than half the market share and 90% of the profits. Global smartphone shipments grew a healthy 41% since last year, though Sony and Samsung were the only ones to see growth quarter-over-quarter.

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Mobile gamers spent sizeable amount of cash on in-app purchases in 2011

Information Solutions Group recently published some research about mobile gaming across smartphones and tablets. The survey data was pulled from 1,004 gamers across the UK and U.S., from an initial sample size of 2,301. There were a lot of interesting takeaways, including that 39% had spent cash in 2011 on game content (like extra levels) or in-game currency.

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iPad forecasted to snatch market share from Android tablets this year

IDC has revised their forecast for the worldwide tablet market, suggesting that iOS will lead the way with 62.5% share, which is up from 58.2%. Meanwhile, IDC expects Android tablets to dip from 38.7% to 36.5%, while RIM's PlayBook will drop from 1.7% to 1%. Global shipments are projected to reach 107.4 million units this year, 137.4 million in 2013, and 22.1 million by 2016. IDC's Tom Mainelli commented on the progress of the iPad.

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